Hbm's Nuclear Tech Mod

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Filename hbm1.0.27_BETA3165.jar
Uploaded by HBMTheBobcat
Uploaded Jun 11, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 28.02 MB
Downloads 35,239
MD5 e0cbdea2640e25428f47115bb72275a8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


This release contains the GH releases 3111 and 3165


**4 different delivery catalogs
**Items can be bought with bottle caps
*Bobmazon achievements
**Tech progression achievements that unlock bobmazon offers
*Missile Assembly Table
**Allows to piece together custom missiles
**There's a few rules regarding how a functional missile looks like, just look at the LEDs to figure out whether or not you're using the correct part
**Features a handy button to assemble
*Ten quinitillion different missile parts
**Chips determine accuracy
**Warheads go boom
**Fuselages hold fuel (many different fuel types! ok it's just 5)
**Thrusters go zoom
**Fins are optional and add accuracy
*Solid fuel
**Like the solid fuel we already have, but for rockets
*More liquids
**Liquid hydrogen and oxygen as well as xenon gas for rocket engines
*Compact launcher
**Small launch pad for small missiles
*Launch table
**Big boy launch pad for all sizes
**Like launch table, can not be crafted but has to be built with proper components
*Properly added remaining features of the grenade pistol
*New ammo
**Concussion, finned and nuclear 40mm grenade
**Chlorine gas rocket and rocket propelled chainsaw (!?!?)
**Not functional yet, but a surprise for later
*Block of starmetal
**Yet another surprise tool
*Missile loot crates
**Can be bought from bobmazon
**give you a random missile part with a sick skin
*Meteor ores
**High-gain ores that can only be found in meteors
*Chlorine seal
**Upgraded version of the chlorine vent that uses less laggy blocks
*Rosenberg pest control box functionality
**When switched on, will kill all enemy mobs in a certain radius
**Uses safe sonic technology, no radiation or magic involved
**Much cheaper alternative for cordite that can be used for many lower-level ammo recipes
*Cable switch
**Manually switchable cable block


*Updated textures
**Metal crates
*Missiles now use the experimental contrail particle
**Actual particle that is way more performant and despawns when unloading
*GUI screens like the template folder won't pause the singleplayer game anymore
*The hidden obj tester block was made craftable and now uses the soyuz model (a surprise tool we need later)
*Updated missile launch sound to something less crappy
*Nerved loot chests, meteors and glitch
*Improved contrail particle to be more dynamic
*Improved multicloud renderer for more diversity in particle cloudlets
*Chemplant now releases steam from the chimney when operating
*Scaffolds, steel beams and tape recorders now use revolutionary no-lag technology, making relay towers bearable
**Same technology will soon come to most other decorative blocks
*Updated tape recorder model and texture
*Pylon wires now visibly bend as if hanging down loosely instead of being one straight line
*Updated canister and gas tank textures
*Removed all high-power weapons from supply crate pool
*Slightly updated euphemium MG bullet texture
*Fixed fallout effect turning too much coal into diamond
*Reverted panzerschreck viewmodel to default position
**Sneaking will cause the player to hold it in front of him, reverting this change
**Grenade pistol also supports this feature, making them the first weapons to use iron sights
*All antimatter bombs (including BF warhead, excluding custom nuke) now use a fresh new explosion algorithm that is fast and spawns infinite fire
*Meteors now have their own ore pools instead of using all available ores
*Smoothed reinforced stone texture
*The sat dock now uses dummy blocks for better collisions
*Made chainsaw recipe sensible


*Fixed potential 0-division crash for fallout entities
*Fixed boats creating boxcar death message
*Fixed memory-leaks and frame drops for certain clients
*Infinite fuel tank can't fill up non types anymore
*Removed unused palette of hazmat blocks
*Decreased default meteor spawn rate even further
*Fixed bug where guns break after attempting to reload 0 bullets
*Fixed bobmazon not deducting the correct amount of caps in most cases
*Removed logspam caused by using gun repair tools
*Fixed reactor controller crashing when connected to a dead reactor
*Fixed chemplant's shift-click behavior being garbage, now it' meh