Hbm's Nuclear Tech Mod

286,463 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

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Filename hbm1.0.26.jar
Uploaded by HBMTheBobcat
Uploaded Nov 15, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 29.95 MB
Downloads 120,258
MD5 414e3039921bbdc94f030e66cdc9469e
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


New Machines

  • Assembly Machine
    • replaces many workbench recipes
    • can process up to 12 stacks, with ore dict integration
    • upgradable
    • has I/O ports to interact with chests and crates
  • Chemical Plant
    • has recipes with fluids
    • up to 2 fluids and 4 items for in/output
    • upgradable
    • has I/O ports to interact with chests and crates
  • Automatic Mining Drill
    • drills down and mines blocks automatically 
    • upgradable
    • has output port to interact with chests and crates
  • Fluid Tank
    • can store up to 256B of NTM fluid
    • fuse changes inout to output mode
  • Pumpjack
    • faster and more effective oil derrick
    • creates less natural gas
    • takes more energy to run
  • Meteorite Blocks
    • different properties
    • drop meteor shards or treasures
  • Turbofan engine
    • large generator which burns kerosene
    • upgradable
  • Steam Press
    • powered by coal
    • can press ingots into plates or wires
    • non-metal dusts into gems
    • coal chunks into diamonds
  • Rejuvination Device
    • regenerates chunks
    • currently not very reliable, new chunks behave weirdly
  • Universal Fluid Pipes
    • transmit NTM fluids
    • type is set via fluid ID

New Items

  • Desh
    • high-dura metal alloy made from the new rare earth ore
    • tools are ubreakable
  • Shimmer Sledge
    • high damage & recoil weapon
    • right click smashed any block and propells it forward
  • Recipe Template Folder
    • used to make assembly and chemical templates, stamps and fluid IDs
  • Infinite Fusion Core
    • keeps T45 permanently charged
  • Universal Fluid Tanks
    • 1000 and 16k mB versions
    • can carry any NTM liquid
  • Geiger Counter
    • clicks when radiation is nearby
    • even works when not directly held
  • Survey Scanner
    • scanns underground for ore quantity
    • second mode detects blocks typical for bases

New Weapons

  • Turrets
    • controllable via turret remote
    • can run on their own with the AI chip
    • require ammo
  • Meteor Remote
    • summons a meteorite nearby
    • creative-only

Other Additions

  • Biofuel
    • made from biogas which in turn is created with biomass in the chemplant
  • Meteorites
    • spawn randomly
    • can come in different sizes with different contents
    • rare variants
  • Retextured a few items
  • Fixed bug where electricity gauges would not work correctly in SMP (still no fix for other gauges, though)
  • Electricity gauges now show their fill level when hovering over it
  • New Fluid System
    • All machines have been retrofitted
    • fluids can now be transmitted with fluid ducts
    • types of configurable tanks can be set via fluid ID
    • multiblock machines have I/O ports at their acces ports
  • Removed deuterium extractor
    • added deuterium extraction recipe to the chemplant