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Harder Farther (& Mob Farm Limiter)




This mod has three main features.


First, it is a mob farm regulator to save server economies and encourage adventure over building mob farms.


Second, it lets you configure monsters to be more challenging (better, faster, stronger) in various ways that you control.  It combines this with extra loot drops and extra XP as players kill monsters further from World Spawn.


Third, it allows you to sprinkle Grim Citadels around your world which enhance the monsters for thousands of meters around them until their Grim Heart is destroyed.

Harder Farther Feature Configuration

By default, Harder Farther blocks further mob item and loot drops in a chunk for a quarter second after a mob dies in that chunk.   So if 90 mobs die in the same 5 ticks in the same chunk, there is one loot and XP drop.


By default, Harder Farther makes mobs harder and more profitable farther from spawn.


With default values, Harder Farther gives you the capability to build the world's first enhanced normal monsters.    They'll be  better, stronger, and faster than before.    Mobs will get gradually tougher out to 30,000 meters (radius) from spawn at roughly 1% per 1000 meters.   And they'll drop better loot.  By default, it's two special potions that get increasingly powerful farther from World Spawn, some emeralds, a few diamonds, and very rarely netherite scraps.  But bats will only drop leather and cave spiders will drop coal instead of diamonds.


It's pretty easy to change the 30,000 meters to something smaller or larger.  Or to change the 30% maximum statistic modifier to something smaller or larger.  You could set it to 60% maximum tougher at 10,000 meters.    You could set the configuration to 200% tougher at 100,000 meters which would make it *very* hard to survive past 75,000 meters (basically everything would be Blood Moon stats all the time).  And you have individual control over whether the mod boosts max hit points, attack damage, movement speed, and knockback resistance.   You could choose just to increase movement speed or to increase only max hit points and damage.  The default values are tougher but not super hard. 


The Nitty Gritty

["Harder Farther Control Values"]

#Debug Level: 0 = Off, 1 = Log, 2 = Chat+Log #Range: 0 ~ 2

debugLevel = 0

#Limit Mob Farm XP and Drops Timer (0 == no limit)  #Range: 0 ~ 120 

limitMobFarmsTimer = 10

#modifierValue: Increase Mob Values by 1% to 999% #Range: 1 ~ 999

modifierValue = 30

#modifierMaxDistance: Distance til Maximum ModifierValue Applied #Range: 2000 ~ 100000

modifierMaxDistance = 30000

#Worldspawn Safe Distance: No Mobs Will Spawn In this Range #Range: 64 ~ 160

safeDistance = 64

#oddsDropExperienceBottle: Chance to drop 1 experience bottle. #oddsDropExperienceBottle: Chance to drop 1 experience bottle. #Range: 0 ~ 100

oddsDropExperienceBottle = 33



makeMonstersHarderFarther = true

#Modify Max Hit Points (true) 

hpMaxMod = true

#Modify Movement Speed (true) 

speedMod = true

#Modify Max Hit Points (true)

atkDmgMod = true

#Modify Knockback Resistance (true) 

knockbackMod = true

#minimumSafeAltitude: Mobs are 6% tougher (and more likely to drop loot) for a given distance from World Spawn below this altitude. #Range: 1 ~ 48

minimumSafeAltitude = 32

#maximumSafeAltitude: Mobs are 9% tougher (and more likely to drop loot) for a given distance from World Spawn above this altitude. #Range: 76 ~ 160

maximumSafeAltitude = 99

Custom Loot Options Version 6 and earlier

(Version 6 and lower)

#Common Loot Item: 

itemCommon = "minecraft:emerald"

#Uncommon Loot Item

itemUncommon = "minecraft:diamond"

#Rare Loot Item

itemRare = "minecraft:netherite_scrap"


Custom Loot Options Version 7 and later

#Loot Items List (r=rare, u = uncommon, c = common)

lootItemsList = ["r,20,minecraft:netherite_scrap,1,1", "u,20,minecraft:diamond,1,1", "u,5,minecraft:emerald,1,3", "c,20,minecraft:apple,1,2", "c,3,minecraft:leather_boots,1,1", "c,3,minecraft:cobblestone,1,3", "c,3,minecraft:vine,1,3", "c,3,minecraft:egg,1,2", "c,3,minecraft:feather,1,3", "c,3,minecraft:arrow,1,3", "c,3,minecraft:string,1,2"]


The Options

0) If you set makeMonstersHarderFarther = false, then it only limits normal drops when multiple mobs die too quickly in the same chunk.

1) If makeMonstersHarderFarther = true, then you can configure Harder Farther to make mobs tougher in 4 optional ways as players fight monsters farther from WorldSpawn

a) have more hit points (1% to 30% of normal hit points for most mobs- 101% to 160% for Zombies, Normal Spiders, and Skeletons)

b) be faster (move between 1% and 30% speed)

c) inflict more damage (between 1% and 30% more damage per hit)

d) resist knockback (between 1% and 30% more knockback resistance)


2) You can configure Harder Farther to scale these changes from 1,000 meters to any distance between 2,000 blocks to 100,000 blocks.  The default is 30,000 meters.  Nothing closer than 1,000 meters is boosted.


3) You can configure Harder Farther to enforce a monster free safe area around spawn between 0 and 160 meters (default: 64).  Mobs outside that range will pursue players but they won't spawn inside that range.  


4) Soon, you'll be able to set up dark strongholds to be overcome by players and establish safe areas.


The plan is a default value of 1% to 30% bonuses with an override list of mobs (not yet implemented).   This will allow you to customize the bonus amount from 0% to 500% on a per mob basis.

The plan is to also allow an effect by mob type (like Fire Resistance so they can be out during the day in the wilderness).


Loot Bonuses & Odds.

Based on default distance, mobs will have bonus loot 1% (1000 meters from worldspawn) to 30% (30,000 meters from spawn) of the time. 


If they have loot, the following table is used.


If a Bat, drops leather (only).

If a Slime, only Large Slimes can drop bonus loot.


All other mobs have a chance to drop a Bottle o' Experience (3-11xp) (value 3 emeralds to buy from villagers).   This is a simple way to let adventuring groups share experience and serves as a kind of currency.

The chance to drop is currently 33%.  It will be configurable by next Sunday tho.


71% Monster drops it's regular loot and also a common item ( emerald by default)

7% "Life Saving" potions provide very long term absorption with a powerful fast 10 second regeneration. 

20% "Ogre Strength Potion grants strength, night vision, and a small burst of regeneration..

10% Monster drops it's regular loot and also an uncommon item (a diamond by default) unless it is a cave spider- then it drops coal.

2%  Regular Loot plus a rare loot ( by default a Netherite Scrap).  But, rare items do not drop closer than 90% of the modifierMaxDistance. 


These values are shifting slightly as playtesting adventures continue on the Dev Server.


Example- With Default Values, a player is 15,000 meters from spawn.  The monsters are 15% tougher, faster, hit 15% harder, and have a little knockback resistance.  They have 15% chance to drop something from the loot table.

After killing 6 monsters, they average 1 bonus drop which is usually going to be an emerald.   They are at 50% of max distance so they will not get rare loot.


Example- a player is 48,000 meters from spawn.  The monsters are capped at 30% tougher, faster, hit  30% harder, and have a little knockback resistance.  They have 30% chance to drop something from the loot table.

After killing 400 monsters, they'll average 133 xpbottles, and 120 bonus loot items. 


Example- You change the distance from 30,000 to 50,000  mobs will have bonus loot 1% (1000 meters from worldspawn) to 30% (50,000 meters from spawn) of the time.   The monsters will be 1% to 30% tougher.


Example- You change the modifiervalue from 30 to 200.  Mobs will vary from 1% tougher 1,000 meters from spawn to 200% tougher 30,000 meters from spawn (probably unplayably tough!  Zombies with 100 hit points closing from 40 meters away in under 2 seconds and hitting for 12 points per hit), Once the modifier gets to 100%, they will always get a roll on the loot table.  They won't get extra loot rolls as they go from 101% to 200%. They won't get better loot.


Example- You change the bonus loot drops to Copper Coins, Silver coins, and Gold Coins from another mod.   They drop in place of emeralds, diamonds, and netherite scraps.


Example- With default settings, you kill a skeleton at 2500,64,-2500 in the nether.  It has 21 hit points and has a 39% chance to drop a loot item. It won't drop rare items.


Grim Citadels

Optional Feature

Grim Citadels are an optional feature which can give your game an extra activity or an extra endgame storyline.

For now, activate them by setting the Grim Citadels option to "true" in the configuration file.

The citadels will be created slowly in a throttled manner but should all be done in about 7 minutes.

If you want them to start farther out, edit the locations before turning on the feature.


Grim Citadel Configuration Options 

Use Grim Citadels: true/false.

Grim Citadels Bonus Range: ( 1000 to 6000 meters) : default 1500 meters

Count of Grim Citadels to maintain (0 to 16): default 5.

Grim Harm Animals: true/false.   Animals within the grim aura will be sickly (low hp) but won't die.

GrimFogPercent ( Red/ Green / Blue) these three values control the color of the Grim Aura fog.  The default is reddish.  I like the fluorescent Green too!  It is values (0.20red,0.05blue,0.95green)


Special Note

There is a file in the saves/world/data folder which has the locations of all Grim Citadels.  You can edit it with a Text file and change the locations.  Any existing citadels will remain but won't have the grim aura nor will they have special loot.


Second Special Note

One helpful feature depends on hearing.  If you want to use the mod and have monaural hearing, are deaf, or have another hearing issue, let us know and we'll prioritize a feature for accessibility.



If you are having trouble finding a grim citadel.. stop and listen. 

Sound carries better at night.

The grim aura is a sphere around grim citadels.  You can use that to predict their locations.



Planned Features

Some kind of Life Stronghold points where monsters do not get bonuses.   This will be crafted with Grim Hearts.

Add some command line commands.


Open to feedback and suggestions.


About the mod Logo...

"Far West" by anieto2k is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0



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