Harder Core


Several tweaks to make the game more difficult. 



- a thirst bar that must be maintained by drinking from water bottles or hydro-flasks

- a blood moon: every 8 nights monster spawn rate is greatly increased

- gravestones: holds your items when you die (so they don't despawn). Right click to return them to the correct inventory slots

- a temperature indicator (based on biome and nearby blocks) with negative effects for getting too hot or too cold

- an air quality bar that is reduced by standing near torches, fire, lit furnaces, etc

- small chance for special mobs: poisonous, fiery, arrow dodging 

- deadly shadows that spawn quickly when you are in darkness

- extra negative effects from not sleeping enough, being hungry or eating raw meat. 



All features are configurable. Open a world once to generate the default config file then disable things as you see fit. The config file can be found at saves/your_world_name/serverconfig/hardercore-server.toml



If you have any questions or suggestions, please join the discord server: https://discord.gg/VbZVnRd