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Hardcore Map Reset

Are you a modpack developer? Do you include a map in your modpack? Does this map sometimes need to be re installed by the user?

Version 2, 3, 4 information:

A lot has changed in the way version 2 works, now you have as many different instances of the same map! 

As a user to make a new instance click the "Create from template" button on the world list and select the world you want and then give it a name!


As a mod pack dev:


As a mod pack dev, you will want to copy the template maps into the maps folder. Then in that maps folder create an info.json file. This should look like:

"author" : "Your Name",
"thumbnail" : "thumbnail.png"
The thumbnail tag should point to a square logo/screenshot of you map so the user can easily see what the map is like. In testing this was a 128x128 size image. As long as it is a square image you should be good.
Using Structure Files (Version 4 and up):
As of version 4 structure nbt files generated using the vanilla structure blocks can be used. To use this function you first must enable the void world world type (doesnt apply to pre-existing worlds) in the config file.
You will need to create a new folder in the maps directory that contains the structure file. Call this file "structure.nbt". When you go to create a template it will create a default "info.json" that you can change the values of.


Using Sub Categories (4.2 and up): 

 Version 4.2 adds a new feature that allows for sub categories of maps. This can be done by creating a folder with the category name, and then within that creating a variations.json file.

  "author": "Test",
  "thumbnail": "icon.png",
  "description": "No Description set"

 This file is basically the same as a normal map. Within that folder you can place the maps in the same way as before. You can have Categories within Categories.



If you still need more help please join our discord and ask for help.


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Version 1.x information:


This mods adds a new folder in the minecraft directory called "maps" which the modpack dev can put backups of the map or maps in. When the player dies and has to restart the map they can click the Rest maps button on the select world screen.

As of version 1.2.0 up the user will be asked what maps they want to be reset.

The list of maps

The user will then be asked if they are sure they want to reset the maps that they selected.

When they click yes the saves folder is emptied and replaced with the maps folder.

How to install:

Install forge.

Download the .jar file and put in your mods folder.

run minecraft and check that the mod is installed.

How to use:

Copy all of your maps that you want into the maps folder.

When you are ready to reset your world click the reset world button.



You can use this mod in your mod pack!

Want to help? The code is https://github.com/modmuss50/HardCoreMapReset