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A mod about gum-themed consumables, with unique buffs to go with them.


It is highly recommended that you use JEI in conjunction with this mod.


Adds two items, Gumobtainium and Gumbium. The former can be used to give yourself "gum hearts" that absorb any amount of damage, and regenerate after a few seconds, and the latter locks your hunger to be at least half full. They're made with weird methods specific to the mod.


It also adds Gelatin, which is primarily a crafting ingredient, but also a good food on its own. Gelatin Nuggets can be eaten quickly and mainly give saturation.


Gumobtainium is no longer incompatible with Mantle as of version v1.26! (and probably Scaling Health too? requires testing)


If you're gung-ho about using a version of Gumobtainium earlier than v1.26, this fork of Mantle will probably work, but do not expect support from me or the developers of Mantle.