GT6 Ore Helper

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GT6 Ore Helper
This mod shows useful information in NEI about all GregTech 6 ores. Working ONLY with GregTech 6 (version 6.12.01+ for minecraft 1.7.10)

To see information - just try to open Recipe view (default key R) on the ore block. If current ore is may be generated in the world NEI will show all possible types of generation.
To see all Bedrock ores open Recipe View on Bedrock. To see ores in Nether use Netherrack, to see in the End use End Stone.
Also show info about other GT blocks like Black Sand, etc.

Dimension abbreviations
Overworld - Over, Nether - Neth, End - End, Twilight Forest - Twil, The Betweenlands - Betw, Moon - Moon, Mars - Mars, Planets - Plan, Asteroids - Astr, The Aether - Aeth, The Erebus - Ereb.

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