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Are you looking for something new? Perhaps you are a Gregtech fan (like myself) and you're eager to find a new improved experience. Luckily, you landed on the right place.

The main idea was to add a lot of new machines / machinery and integration with well known mods (like Tinker's Construct and Forestry, full list below), though these days we offer you a lot more than just that.

This mod also changes some GTCE mechanics, but don't worry, We used some of our time to add config options for almost everything we modified.

I'm always listening to advices and suggestions, so feel free to send those on my Discord or in the comment section below.


A work in progress wiki can be found here


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We are now in Beta; these are some of the things you'll find in the mod:

  • Industrial Primitive Blast Furnace: Most known as IPBF, this one's for you, early game fan.
  • Multiblock Machines: Large versions of most (if not all) Machines.
  • Processing array: The multiblock of all singleblocks, helps reducing lag.
  • Three new tiers of Turbine RotorsI know these things look cool, but please don't touch them.
  • Hand Pump: Your new best friend, it's capable of extracting fluid from Fluid Input Hatches, Fluid Output Hatches and machines with just a single click!
  • Revamped Nuclear system: New Nuclear Reactor and its upgraded higher tier version, the Breeder Nuclear Reactor. It's time to dust off your Forge Hammers and get those Long Rods.
  • Volcanus: Upgraded version of the Electric Blast Furnace. It consumes Pyrotheum to speed up its processes.
  • Cryogenic Freezer: Upgraded version of the Vacuum Freezer. It consumes Cryotheum to speed up its processes.
  • World Accelerator: Speeds up Tile Entities or Block States (Works like Random Things' Time in a Bottle or Not Enough Wands' Acceleration Wand).
  • Three variants of Chunk Miners: Single blocks, available from LV Stage.
  • Three variants of Large Miners: Multi blocks, available from EV Stage. Crush the ores using vanilla's Fortune enchantment.
  • The Void Miner: The "King Of All" Miners, capable of obtaining every ore registered. Use with caution (just kidding).
  • Modified worldgen file, with new interesting ores and veins to find.
  • All the first 101 elements of the Periodic Table can be obtained. Gotta catch 'em all!
  • Reworked Circuit, Circuit crafting and Cable crafting systems. Circuits from IV onwards require the brand new "Large Circuit Assembler".
  • Hot Coolant Turbine: If paired with the new Nuclear Reactors on a well structured cycle, you'll get free energy!
  • Battery Tower: Do you have trouble storing energy? This one's for you, pal!
  • Rocket Engine: New way of generating energy for late-game content. These come with new Rocket Fuel variants too. It'd be nice if we could use these things on a real rocket, wouldn't it?
  • Large Transformer and Variants of Energy Hatches: Have you ever wanted to use a 16 Amp LV Hatch? If the answer is no, I'm sorry because now you can!
  • New extra processing methods, to double, triple or quadruple your metal output. Now you'll be able to keep your Salt reserves up. Good job!
  • New ore densities: Poor Ores, Rich ores and Pure ores.
  • (NEW) Filtered Output Hatch: Now you can send all your extra Hydrogen to a trash can easier.
  • (NEW) Revamped processing system of the following minerals: Naquadah, Gold and Tungsten.


Some things that don't deserve a description (It's my opinion, don't judge me):

High-Octane Gasoline, Advanced Distillation Tower, Chemical Plant, Chemical Dehydrator, etc.









Gregicality supports the following mods (and we're expanding every day):

  • Energy Converters: Transform energy between FE and GTEU.
  • Ex Nihilo
  • Pam's Harvestcraft
  • Binnie's Mods
  • Tinker's Construct
  • Forestry
  • Mystical Agriculture




Lastly, some other things I have planned (though I still need some ideas):

  • Creation of wood from saplings (like a multiblock Greenhouse).
  • Protection for bases.
  • A processing array compatible with other mods.



Here: 简体中文用户:Gregicality的最近两个版本(0.20、0.21)引入了一些如𬬻、𬭳等的新元素。这些元素名称在一般情况下无法在游戏中正常显示,故在官方简中语言文件中,这些元素名只得被汉化为了钅卢、钅喜等的拆字形式或鑪这样的繁体形式。建议使用i18n Update Mod( )提供的汉化包来正确显示这些字符。Brief translation: For players using Simplified Chinese: Please use the resource pack provided by i18n Update Mod to make the names of new born elements that has been introduced by recent versions displayed perfectly because vanilla minecraft hasn't natively supported those newly made characters yet.