GregTech CE Unofficial


GregTech CE: Unofficial (GTCEu) is a 1.12.2 mod which aims to improve upon GTCE to provide the ultimate 1.12.2 GT experience.



A (very, VERY) brief list of some new features:
- Greatly improved performance and optimization from GTCE. Most users should enjoy improved RAM usage, FPS and TPS
- Fixed many GTCE bugs (invisible blocks, infinite amps)
- Improved player experience and QoL. Example: Different stone types of ores don't clog player inventories
- Completely reworked and improved fluid pipes and energy cables
- New item pipe system with huge throughputs and configurable logistics
- World generation improvements. Better performance, rebalanced ores. New virtual fluid veins for harvesting
- New content integrated from Shadows of Greg, Gregicality, GT5 Unofficial, TecTech, Nomifactory, GT New Horizons, GT IMPACT and more
- Fancy rendering effects including emissive textures and bloom
- Content added at every single tier of the game. No stone left unturned, this is a completely different GregTech experience from GTCE


And many, many, many more things...


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Check out the Changelog for a full list of changes in version 2.0

GregTech CE: Unofficial requires CodeChickenLib.


2.7 release spotlight:



GTCEu is not created by, nor maintained by GregoriusT

Permission to use Textures

Permission to use the GregTech name

More Permission to use the GregTech name

Permission to use the GTCE codebase as a starting point