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Welcome to our Page, Hopefully you try out the mod and enjoy it! We have a github if you want to request anything or you have any issues with the mod! You can also let me know on discord!


Currently adds grass blocks in 16 different colours and uses seeds to spawn them on current grass blocks or dirt as well as Netherrack and End Stone Variants. Each type of grass has different seeds! These are mostly for deco purposes so that you can add different colours to your natural looking bases! Also Spawn different coloured Grass using Bonemeal on the mods' grass blocks!




This most recent update adds a lot of features to the mod! Functional Grass that spawns Mobs of their respective types, as in End Stone Grass spawns End Mobs, and Netherrack Grass spawns nether mobs, with a low chance of spawning ghasts and wither skellingtons!!!


Also added Floating islands in both the Overworld and the End!


Configs for all Features!


and Last but not Least Added Particle effects to the Enchanted Grass(BETA STILL WIP - colours not right yet)

Discord ---->



Next update will mostly be texture reworks! Working with a fantastic artist who is going to bring more life into my textures than ever before!