Foam Dome

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Foam Dome 2.0,

Hey guys, its November 4th, about a month since i released Foam Dome! To be honest i expected this mod to kind of be a niche mod that only a few people would use, but the response has been more than we expected!


So here's a big update to Foam Dome!




Foam Dome Creators:

Obsidian Dome Mekanism - Builds Domes underwater out of a hard material formed when the foam touches water!

Glass Dome Mekanism - Builds Domes underwater using a foam that turns into glass when touched by water!

Gravity Dome Mekanism - This Dome mekanism is affected by gravity and will fall to the bottom to a pool of lava, water or down a cliff. The delay is random so where the dome is placed as it falls varies use to use!

Acid Dome Mekanism - This mekanism is the most dangerous it will destroy any block to create a dome. Mainly used to make dome bases out of huge sections of stone!


The domes are sphere shaped and are a 10x10x10 sphere. There is a config to change it but it doesn't actually do anything. I need to fix the math (future update)




Foam Tunnel Creators:

Obsidian Tunnel Mekanism -- Makes a tunnel out of foam that turns into obsidian when adjacent to water


Glass Tunnel Mekanism -- Makes a tunnel out of foam that turns into glass when adjacent to water

Air Tunnel Mekanism -- Makes a tunnel out of foam that turns into glass when adjacent to Anything. Only works in Air, Water, Lava. This uses a custom tag and can be added to! Suggest on Github to add more to the list!

Acid Tunnel Mekanism -- Makes a tunnel out of foam, This is a dangerous machine as it will eat anything in its path! Turns into nothing just dissipates over time!


All the tunnels are the same size about 5x9x5 with a tapered peak. The tunnel machines are Directional and will only make a tunnel in the adjacent direction to where you hit on the block. The tunnels also go up and down in addition to north south east west!




Any more suggestions please feel free to comment! any issues please feel free to post on the github!


This update will soon be followed by a small Foam Texture update. The foam in the mod right now is a placeholder!







 This is a link to my disord


any questions about my mods can be directed to me. I use the name Drizzs on discord!

Above is a link to a page for my artist to accept donations this is not for Drizzs, this is for Snurly -- Hes an amazing artist and works on commission if you need textures! -- He's a student from HK and anything helps keep him Caffeinated and texturing!



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