31,692 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 26, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

GoodyBags allows you to create custom loot bags (similar to the Thaumcraft loot bags) through JSON files. You can find information about that here


There are currently 3 types of bags you can create:


  • Spawn- Spawns in a player's inventory when they first join the world. Meant to replace the inventory spam that has become current modded Minecraft. I guess you can use it for other things, too.
  • Loot- Generates in dungeon chests with a configurable weight.
  • Prize- Meant to be given to players as a reward for completing something. Similar to the HQM bags.

Currently there is no support for NBT. I will look into that at a later date.


Here is an example of a spawn bag:


"bagType": "SPAWN",
"name": "Spawn Bag 1",
"rarityType": "uncommon",
"stackList": [
"name": "minecraft:chainmail_helmet",
"metadata": 0,
"amount": 1