MCA Reborn [Fabric/Forge]

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We strive to this make this an immersive roleplaying experience for players, some features below enhance by:

  • No more squid-people, they are now human and interactable!
  • There are many interaction options with villagers such as gifting, chatting, and much more!
  • You can build relationships by interacting with villagers, with each villager having their own personality and moods.
  • Once you have enough hearts, you can marry them!
  • After marriage, you can have children who you have to do chores such as farming, lumber, and more!
  • Your children will eventually grow up and live their own lives.
  • You can marry other players in a LAN or SMP server
  • Help to extend a village and increase your rank, eventually becoming a king!

We would like to inform that from 1.18.2 and on Architectury is required as a dependency, link below:



We would like to thank the original creators that made this mod happen in the first place!

We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to the mod in some way, shape, or form!

SixFootBlue contributed a lot of awesome skins, check out the Player Villager Models!

Big thanks to BisectHosting for sponsoring our community Minecraft server! Check them out, use the code "mca" for a 25% discount!




You can find the download for the mod on this page and on our discord server! (which is linked below)



You can report bugs:

Anything else will most likely be ignored, sorry!



  • Youtube videos on this mod are allowed and welcome
  • This mod can be used in modpacks, however, please credit the original mod and this mod in some way.



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