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Do I am cake?

A minimalist lightweight modpack meant to check out features in the latest Twilight Forest dev builds on the Official Twilight Forest server.

The Twilight Forest is a mod as well as a dimension added by the same mod, a magical world bathed in eternal twilight. The Twilight Forest has dungeons and bosses that players must defeat to continue in the mod's progression line as well as special and unique loot.

Its lightweightness makes it extremely playable on lower-end machines that otherwise wouldn’t be able to run large modpacks. The mod selection caters to the Twilight Forest with only under 70 mods including no-content utility mods.

Players can enjoy the casual Twilight Forest experience without any progression-aggressive mods undermining the Twilight Forest progression itself. The modpack also includes mods that have specific compatibility additions with Twilight Forest as demonstration.

Server Information:
A wholesome thank you to Akliz, for providing us with a free server to use as we want. Come join us on the server!

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Come join and hang out in our Discord for fun chats, developmental updates, the server chat bridge, and zany emotes!