Gadgetry: Machines

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Gadgetry is a modular tech mod designed to be extremely simple. Functionally speaking, it does many things that other tech mods do, but without all the bloat. It's intended to be better for parallelization and building big factories, as opposed to relying too much on a few machines that do everything.


A few things Gadgetry does nicely:

  • Extremely little microcrafting. There is a bit, but it is minimized heavily. Every machine is very cheap and simple to create.
  • Every block does one thing. Every machine has a simple purpose that it fulfills, so you know what you're going to get.
  • Large toolset.  There is less emphasis on processing items into others, and more emphasis on giving you a wide range of automation capabilities.




This mod, Gadgetry: Machines, is the Machines module of Gadgetry. It contains:

  • Furnace fuel generators and solar panels.
  • Powered furnaces, ore-doubling grinders, and alloy furnaces.
  • Utilities: block breakers, placers, and activators; and fluid breakers and placers. These don't need power!
  • Advanced utilities: block breakers, placers, and activators that take power but support filtering and larger areas of effect.
  • Fluid and energy storage.
  • A simple fluid pump.
  • A simple autocrafter.

Gadgetry: Machines uses the FE power system.

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