FTB Achievements

406,625 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Please note this mod has been designed specifically for certain FTB mod packs. You will have issues if you try and use it outside of a pack it has been designed for. 



FTB Achievements has been designed from the ground up in conjunction with FTB's new SpeedRun map. 

Warning to pack makers:

The initial versions of this mod have been made specifically for FTB SpeedRun. I do not recommend using this mod in your own packs until I make a more general use version with some documentation. This mod does change some core gameplay mechanics that cannot be disabled. If you have any feature requests or ideas please let me know on the issue tracker.


This mod is closed source for now, this is because it has some features that are used to connect to our leaderboards system. This is done to try and minimize cheaters. Once I work on a more general use version of the mod I will make it open source.