FRSM - Board Game Extension

348 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 4, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

First of all, this mod is an extension for FRSM, it won't work without FRSM.

Board Game Extension
is an mod adding blocks to e.g.
- recreate your favorite board games in minecraft, and play them of course!
- decorate your worlds for whatever reason...
- thought this list might be longer...

Planned features:
- Chess Blocks (~17% done)
- Board field blocks
- Config to toggle if the blocks can only move on field blocks.
- maybe recipes, if requested

Current Features:
- a new common board game block in any dye color
- if the block is rightclicked it will move to the next field before it, in case it's free/empty
- Chess Tower Block, also moves when rightclicked - in 16 colors, cause why should chess be only black and white...
- Dice Block, toggle with rightclick, toggle again to get an random number.



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