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[FVTM] Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod

Welcome to FVTM!

A vast addon-packs based mod, featuring many things and allowing you to create your own!


This is a mod providing an "pack" system, it does not contain vehicles by itself! Please install also fvtm addon packs, they are listed lower in the description.


1.20 builds are far from fully functional! The description here is mainly for 1.12. For more info on 1.20 progress join discord!


Version 3.8.6 breaks compatibily with packs that use java models compiled for older versions, it should not crash, but the models will not work,
formats like OBJ or FMF are not affected by this.

Some of the features:

  • Vehicles, driveable, controllable, with passenger seats, with cargo space, can transport fluids, shipping containers and more
        - Land Vehicles
            - Basic/U12 system with relatively realistic movement, transmissions (gearbox), tire attributes (terrain based performance) and more
            - Legagy system - similar to flansmod, but generally stable!
        - Water Vehicles (dysfunctional, queued for rework)
        - Air Vehicles are under consideration.
        - Rail Vehicles - unique rail vehicle system with integrated signalling/switches and trains that can even travel in unloaded chunks
  • Parts
        Vehicles, besides their main chassis, consist of parts, parts can change how the vehicles behave, give them new attributes, inventories (multiple!), functions and even custom scripts.
  • Materials - generic items that can be created via simple JSON files
        - VehicleKeys can be also created
        - Fuel Canisters
        - Can be registered into OreDictionary
  • Consumables - food & beverages, can be also created with a simple JSON file
        - can be set to consumable by wolves
        - custom saturation/health values
        - in the future assumably compatible with ToughAsNails
  • Fuels - new ones can be created via addon packs, there can be many of the same group (groups being e.g. "diesel") with differing quality!
  • Containers - full-scale Shipping containers with vast inventories
        - place-able as blocks, in full-size
        - can have item or fluid inventory, in the future more types
        - compatible with PIPE mods, hoppers and so on
        - can be picked up and transported via vehicles!
  • TrafficSigns - possible to create custom traffix with a simple config, model and texture file!
  • Blocks - yes, you can also create blocks, either simple decational ones or functional multiblocks!
  • Clothes - fully functional 3D clothes with custom models

Supported Formats

  • Java (from SMP Toolbox* or Fex's Modelling Toolbox)
  • Wavefront OBJ
  • FMF (precompiled model format from FMT)
  • VOX (can be converted using FMT)
  • Vanilla Json (for items & blocks only)

Want to create content?

Check out the Wiki! If anything is missing in the wiki, or you want to suggest new features, you're always welcome to join our discord server!





https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1yB4y1e7jN https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1bf4y1b7eo



Whe using FVTM you may notice there's "packs" and "litepacks".
Normal addon packs go into the /mods/ folder.
Litepacks go into the /resourcepacks/, /config/fvtm/packs, or /mods/ folder.
For more info check the wiki page.




  FVM - Fex's Vehicle Mod™ is a Trademark of Fexcraft Net © 2013-2023
FVTM - Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod™ is a Trademark of Fexcraft Net © 2013-2023