Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod

95,074 Downloads Last Updated: May 5, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

WARNING 1: Packs and save files for FVTM 2 are not compatible with version 3 and up!
WARNING 2: Please remove all valuebles/items from Vehicles and Containers before updating to version 3!


Welcome to FVTM!
A wast addon-packs based mod, featuring many things and allowing you to create your own!


# Some Features
- Vehicles, yes, driveable, pilotable, with passenger seats, with cargo space, can even transport fluids, containers and in the future more!
-- Land Vehicles
-- Water Vehicles
-- Air Vehicles are under consideration.
-- Rail Vehicles are under construction!
- Parts! Vehicles, besides their main chassis, consist of Parts, parts can change how the vehicles behave, give them new attributes, inventories (multiple!), functions and even custom scripts.
- Materials - generic items you can create via simple JSON files
-- VehicleKeys can be also created
-- Fuel Canisters
-- Can be registered into OreDictionary
- Consumables - food & beverages, you can also create them with a simple JSON file!
-- can be set to consumable by wolves
-- custom saturation/health values
-- in the future compatible with ToughAsNails
- Fuels - you can create your own via addon packs, there can be many of the same group (groups being e.g. "diesel") with differing quality!
- Containers - full-scale Shipping containers with wast inventories
-- place-able as blocks, in full-size
-- can have item or fluid inventory, in the future more types
-- compatible with PIPE mods
-- can be picked up and transported via vehicles!
- RoadSigns - a relatively new addition, allows you to create your own roadsigns with a simple JSON and a texture file! (optionally custom model)

- Blocks - yes, you can also create blocks, either simple decational ones or functional multiblocks!


# Want to create content?
Head over to the WIKI! If anything is missing in the wiki, or you want to suggest a new feature, you're always welcome to join our discord server!


# Discord


# Some videos



PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLitSclqBGCDRARAf4HrbwMlyCjsqsOUuf
yes, I am no video creation specialist, if you want to make a usage tutorial, you can!

if you need help or anything you can ask on our discord, please don't make one of those bad

videos where you have no clue what you're doing and make wrong assumptions >:(



- FCL - Fexcraft Common Library

- GEP - General Essentials Pack (default content) 



- GEP - General Essentials Pack

- FVP - Fex's Vehicle Pack (cars, semi-trucks, trailers)

- HCP - Heavy Cargo Pack (containers, cranes, machines) NOT FULLY UPDATED YET to version 3

- ZMP - Zack's Model Projects (cars, car trailers, ships, trains) NOT FULLY UPDATED YET to version 3

- 5PXT - 5PX Trains Pack (small trains)

- HTP - Heavy Truck Pack - (trucks, trailers) by Cam_77

- Cam's Powerline Pack - (multiblocks, decorations) by Cam_77

- SVP - Saracalia's Vehicles Pack - (car models from SCM!)



- IV/MTS - Container Compat for MTS vehicles

- PotR - Pollution of the Realms Vehicle Emission Compat for FVTM vehicles



FVM - Fex's Vehicle Mod™ is a Trademark of Fexcraft Net © 2013-2021
FVTM - Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod™ is a Trademark of Fexcraft Net © 2013-2021


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