Cities Deco Mod (Formally Saracalia's City Mod)

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Welcome to Cities Deco Mod, a Decoration Mod to add more decorations to your Minecraft world. CDM is a Minecraft mod design to add more decorations to your Minecraft world. Yep, this mod has everything from Cars that were previously in SVM to Lockers, and also more.


1.12.2 - This mod requires FCL: To install, download FCL and SCM and drag them to your Minecraft Mods Folder (~./minecraft/mods)

v1.12.2-1.0.01+ requires FCL versions 1.XII.53 or later. Otherwise nothing will work. If you have an outdated version of FCL, then you will need to update it otherwise SCM will not work.

v1.12.2-1.1.00 Requires Latest Forge Version and FCL Version 1.12.80

v1.12.2-1.1.01 Requires Latest Forge Version and Latest FCL Version

1.7.10 - Downlaod SCM then drag to your Minecraft Mods folder. (~./minecraft/mods)


Can I make any request for some stuff to be added to your mod?
Yes, you can. And any ideas that you do add, credit will be given to you for those ideas. Any request that you do come up with, I will look into it. Please though, do not request for the cars to become drivable. That is what Flans Mods are for.

Is the cars drivable?
No. The cars have the same function as SVM. They're only for decoration purposes only.

What are some of the other mods used in display with your mods?
Oh, there is also RealTrainMod and my Addon Pack, Saracalia's Pack, as well as RoadStuff, DecoCraft, MrCrayfish Funiture Mod and Carpenter Blocks.

Am I allowed to add your mod to my modpack?
Yes, you may. You don't really need permission for this, but do keep in mind, please give me credit to my work, and do not add it into any modpack if it is going to profit for money. After all, I want CDM to be free for everyone, and it should be treated as such.

I don't like the look of this car. Can I edit any of the models to suit my liking?
The only thing that you can really edit that I do really allow is the textures for resource packs. But if you do find a way to edit any of the models, then you can not share it with anyone, nor release it publically and privately.


Can I use some of the mod .json models in my resource pack?
No. I put a lot of hard work into working on these, and I rather keep them linked in with my mod. You can not copy them, or reuse them in resource packs.


Join me on discord and get updates of what is being added, make request, and also post any issues found within my mod. All you do is click on the link in the image. You can also request for vehicles or other stuff to be added via my Discord Server.


PLEASE: Do not download this mod from any third party sites. You download my mods off any other unofficial site, you take away the credit for my work.