FPS Hud (Fabric)

Ever wanted to check your FPS but didn't want to open the confusing F3 screen?

Me too! So I made this mod!

Fun Fact: The F3 menu actually reduces your FPS because of all the text rendered on the screen!



A Fabric mod to display your FPS on the HUD

in-game screenshot





Lots of customization options!

  • Toggle display, shadow, and background
  • Change where the FPS is displayed
  • Change opacity and color
  • Hold Key to Show FPS
  • Bind a key for toggle or hold to show FPS (F7 by default)



🐞Issues and suggestions:

Please submit any issues and suggestions on the Github page!



Q. Can I use this mod in my modpack?

-    Yes!

Q. Will you be porting this mod to Forge?

-    Perhaps...

Q. What about other game versions?

-    I aim to port this to other game versions but it's not a priority.


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