This highly configurable (Fabric) mod adds features, which were cancelled/delayed from Mojang.



- Requires Cloth Config for configuration and Mod Menu for ingame Config.


Birch Forest changes:

- All birch trees are in average 5 Blocks higher
- Birch trees have branches
- Bee hives spawn almost everytime under a branch

- Some birch trees have mushrooms on their stam

- Dead trees are lying on the ground (hollow birch logs)

- Rocks in the forest


Fire Flys:

- FIre Flys spawn in Forests and Swamps

- At day, they walk on the ground

- Install Optifabric(and Optifine) or LambDynamicLights to make fireflies light up the environment

DynamicLight wasn't enabled.


More Ancient City loot:

- Echo Bow:

- Shoots the Sonic Boom Attack, which damages every mob it hits and knockbacks it

- Can be found in the Ancient City



- Requires Soul Arrows



- Forbidden Book:

- Allows better enchanting

- Can be found in the Ancient City

- Can be enchanted by items


- Warden Horn:

- This Item heals you 3 Times a day

- If you're under y 0 you have 3 extra uses, which heals stronger

- The uses reload on midnight

- Can be dropped from the Warden






- Adds Bundle Recipe