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For Glory

Paused development, still in beta


A mod adding passive and active skills which definitely don't come from For Honor, with a system based on adrenalin which is totally not mana


Requires Fabric API

NO PORT TO FORGE PLANNED! (but feel free to port it by yourself and link it)




In this (highly configurable) mod, you have a new bar displayed on your screen: the adrenalin bar! But what is adrenalin, how do you gain it, and why is it useful? Remember the keyword of this mod: ATTACK!

Adrenalin system

You will notice 4 thresholds on your adrenalin bar. Each threshold allows you to use the feat you have in this tier (explained after).
Depending on your current adrenalin level, you may or not gain adrenalin in every possible way. But remember that you will always be losing adrenalin if you're not doing anything special, and you will lose it even quicker if sneaking. No speed-bridging allowed >:(

Ways to gain adrenalin: 

- Sprinting: the easiest way to get adrenalin, also the smallest gain. Efficient till tier 2

- Jumping: a good way to get adrenalin till tier 2

- Eating: an alternative for people who hate running
* Golden apple: get your adrenalin directly to tier 1 threshold
* Enchanted golden apple: get your adrenalin directly to tier 3 threshold

- Living dangerously: embrace the path of the heroes, and face your destiny. The less armour you wear, the more adrenalin you gain, from all sources. Only after reaching tier 2

- Being hurt: not the safest way to get adrenalin as it supposed to get damaged, but quite efficient. Mob attacks, falling from high, ... you won't ever regret being low life (joking, you will because you gonna die right after it)

- Attacking: definitely THE way to get adrenalin

- DEATH: the supreme way to get adrenalin! But you lose everything at respawn, not really worth it... don't die

When reaching tier 4 threshold, you enter the overcharged mod. You will stay in this tier for a certain amount of time, then your adrenalin will instantly go back to half tier 3.


In the world, a new structure can spawn: the lost sanctuary. A few gifts are waiting for you there, including a new block: the essence infuser.

- Using: Standing on it will show you your current feats, and using a powered gem (still standing on it) will give you the power of the gem. You may do this an unlimited number of times as long as you don't break the block

- Charging: If you want to bring the block home, breaking it will make it not infinite anymore. In order to use it again, you will need to charge it with essence before each use

- Breaking: After a not-too-short time breaking it, you will get the block and 1 to 3 essences if it was infinite, 0 to 1 if only charged


To get a feat you got it: you need different gems. A gem is the basis of a power. It can be a damage, a heal, a miscellaneous, or a mobility one.

- Powered gems: Those gems are associated with a specific feat. You need a basic gem to create a tier 1 powered gem

- More powered gems: If you want to create a better tier gem, you will need a gem of the same power and of the previous tier. So yes, tier 4 needs a lot of basic gems

- Using powered gems: When you get the feat of a powered gem (standing on a charged essence infuser), the essence infuser will consume it and give you back the basic gem associated and 0 to 1 essence

- Anti-gems: Those gems are associated with a specific tier. Depending on it, they will have a different durability, from 1 to 4


- Using anti-gems: Using an anti-gem will get the power of the associated tier out of your body, and it may also give you back 1 essence

Note that for both powered and anti-gems, you need to get rid of your adrenalin


Now you got your feat(s), there are a few things you need to know:

- 4 Tiers: There are 4 tiers of feats that you can get. And you can get it in any order, with any kind of power

- Not more: If you try to get a tier 1 feat while you already had one, the new feat will replace the old one

- Not dead yet: Even if you die (and you will), you keep your powers

- Feat class: Almost all feats have an associated class. If you get every feat of a class, some special sounds will be played and your adrenalin will last longer in tier 4

A list of every feat:


- Sniper: gain increasing adrenalin with each consecutive arrow shot ; the combo resets on a miss

- Bloodlust: the less health you have, the more adrenalin you gain

- Tireless: your hunger can't decrease under 7 (i.e. you never run out of sprint)

- Resistance: adds resistance 1 effect

- Smite: basically the smite enchantment but with every attack

- Speed: adds speed 1 effect

- Strength: adds strength 1 effect



- Dash: boosts forward in the direction you're looking at

- Dog: spawns an invisible and invincible dog

- Fire trail: spawns a fire trail behind you

- Vampirism: adds life steal effect (for a certain time)

- Legion jab: hitting something with your fist will stun it

- Machine gun: shoots ton of arrows but slows you for its duration

- Tower: teleports you on a small tower



- Eagle talons: deal more damage to slowed/stunned mobs

- Jump boost: adds jump boost 5 effect

- Iron will: become almost invincible while blocking with a shield

- Strider's grace: adds fire resistance effect and makes you swim fast in lava

- Bulwark counter: block just before being attacked to counterattack




- Wrath of nature: Dead mobs tell no tales, but they sure are buzzing weirdly...

- Fireworker: Enjoy the show, you're going to have a blast

- Pandemonium: The power of the Nether flows within you

- Beacon of hope: The light of your holiness shines upon your friends

- Senbonzakura: Executing the weakened is just mercy

- Shadow warrior: Stealthier than a phantom, lighter than a cat

- Last stand: Heroes never die ; cowards never prosper

- Heroes of the Overworld: The souls of the ancient warriors come to aid




- Activate feat: Some tier 2 feats may need a keybind to activate. LEFT ALT key

Note that you can change keybinds at any moment in Minecraft control options.


- Does it work on a server? Yes, it works on a server. File needed for both client and server

- Can I include it in my modpack? Yes, you are free to include this mod into your modpack

- For any other things: Feel free to share your experience, problems (prefer the Issue link instead of Comment, but it's okay too), enhancement ideas... down in the comment section

Known compatibility issues

- None known compatibility issue: Tested with a bunch of different mods and still working




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