Fluid Funnel

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Fluid Funnel


The aim of this mod is to create polished, vanilla styled utilities for moving around fluids.

As of version 1.3.0, Fluid Funnel adds three blocks:

The Funnel 



Fluid Funnels


The funnel is a block for moving around fluids.

It looks and acts as a vanilla hopper, but instead of moving items, it moves fluids.

The funnel can pick up fluids from above it, and can output the fluid into the world.
The funnel can extract from or insert into any fluid container. (Including cauldrons)
Funnels can be disabled with a restone signal.


Pointing a funnel towards a chest will allow the funnel to insert fluid into items within that chest (buckets, glass bottles etc) for automated filling.

The Tank 




The tank is a block for storing fluids.


By default, the tank hold 10 buckets (10000mb) of fluid.
Fluid can be inserted or extracted from any side.


The Tap


The tap allows you to pull from the sides of blocks.


This is to allow you to access fluids from blocks that can only be extracted from a certain side.

Taps are similar to funnels, but are more limited. Taps can only push to fluid containers and taps cannot push to another tap. Taps can not be disabled by redstone. 

Overview Video (1.2.0)



The mod is highly configurable, if you want another option configured, let me know.

Expand the spoiler below to see currently avalible config options 

1 bucket = 1000 milibuckets


- funnelCapacity, default 1000 (millibuckets, how much can the funnel hold

- funnelCooldown, default 30 (ticks), funnel transfer speed

- funnelTransferMax, default 100 (milibuckets), funnel max fluid transfer amount 

- tapCapacity, default 1000 (milibuckets), how much can the tap hold

- tapTransferMax, default 100 (milibuckets), tap max fluid transfer amount

- tapCooldown, default 15 (ticks), tap transfer speed

- placeInWorld, default true, can the funnel place liquid in the world

- takeFromWorld, default true, can the funnel take liquid from the world

- fillCauldron, default true, can the funnel interact with cauldrons

- fillContainers, default true, should funnels attempt to fill items within chests

tankCapacity, default 10000 (Milibuckets), how much should the tank hold

- glassBottleSize, default 100 (Milibuckets), how much fluid should a glass bottle hold

- enableFluidRender, default true, should the fluid be rendered





I am aware of the mod Funnels by Shadowfacts. Funnels has not been updated to 1.12, no code was taken from Funnels.



Yes, you have permission to use this mod in any modpack, curse or not.



Please report any bugs or issues you encounter.


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