Flowing Blocks

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Inspired by this request on the bounty board.



Flowing Blocks is a very small and simple mod. It adds fluids for various solid blocks so that you can build smoothed surfaces out of them. The fluids have collision, so you can smoothly walk over them, and will also not flow into existing liquids, to help their use in aesthetics. Blocks with unique properties, such as Soul Sand or Magma, retain those properties.



This mod also adds Cement. Craft it using a water bucket, two clay, a sand block, and an empty bucket (note: the water bucket's bucket is not consumed). Over time the Cement will dry into a solid Cement Block, which can be used as a smooth gray building material and be crafted into stairs, slabs, and walls.


Future plans:

  • Breakable fluids. This is forbidden by the normal fluid code but I may take a closer look and try to add this back. If this is implemented, source blocks will drop the normal cube blocks they are based on, while non-source blocks will drop nothing and likely flow back into place.
  • (unlikely) Improving the fluid normals. One minor issue with the fluids right now is that all of the top faces for the fluids are the exact same. This can make fluids blend in with surrounding blocks and look less three-dimensional. Fixing this would require some hacks though so I'm uncertain about adding it.


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