18,897 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 25, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

The MOD adds 15 new Flowers.

blackrose, pansy_gray, pansy_brown, bluebell, iris, gardenia, blowball, thistle, enzian, orchid, foxgloves, lily, peony, redrose, chrysantheme.


"Phantasia" with BigFlower
25 BigFlower:


"All Flower of this Mod and the Vanilla-Flowers"

 Big Flower


own Bonemeal (to create the BigFlowers)
(to spawn for only Flower without Tallgrass) 10 applications per Rod

Flower with Magicwqand


own FlowerPot:

Food HoneyPotion : Enchantment moveSpeed and jump (60Sec.) blindness (20Sec)

Food HoneyBread : Enchantment poison (10 Sec) moveSpeed (30Sec)

Food HoneyRaw: Enchantment confusion (10Sec) moveSpeed (15Sec)


Armor RubberBoots: Jump Speed (smelt Dandelion to Rubber)


FlowerHedge, ThornFlowerHedge


Hedge: Petal, FlowerHedge, ThornFlowerHedge

Carpet from: FlowerHedge, Petal


Hay in dark and light, Wattle and Daub with Slabs And Stairs.

All Blocks:

The Recipes can be found here

All Blocks in Flowercraft


Vision before 1.8 can you found here.


Modpack Permission:

Q. Can I make this mod in a Modpack?
A. Yes. You have to make you give credits to me and post a link back to this page


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