308,884 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 11, 2016 Game Version: 1.11  

The Mod adds 113 new Slabs in the Game.

Better Texture for Bottom Slab: Grass, GrassPath, Mycelium and Podzol.. V6.03MC1.10.2

All Slabs have the same hardness, resistance or are flammable such as the Blocks from which they were created.

The Recipe:
All Wool, All Leaves, All LogSlabs, All OreSlabs, All AndersiteSlab, All PrismarineSlab, All Diorite, All GraniteSlab, SnowSlab, IceSlab, GlassSlab, GlowStoneSlab, CobblestoneMossySlab, NetherBrickSlab, NetherrackSlab, ObsidianSlab, EndstoneSlab, BookShelfSlab, MushroomCapBrownSlab, MushroomCapRedSlab, GrassSlab, MyceliumSlab, DirtSlab, SoulSandSlab, GravelSlab, SandSlab, CoalSlab, HaySlab, HardenedClaySlab, StainedClaySlab, PackedIceSlab, StainedGlassSlab_all, PodzolSlab, PodzolSlab, CoarseDirtSlab, SeaLaternSlab, SlimeSLab

CleanStoneSlab, StoneBrickMossySlab, StoneBrickCrackedSlab, StoneBrickChiseledSlab, ChiseledSandstoneSlab, SmoothSandstoneSlab, QuartzSlabchiseled, QuartzSlablines, RedstoneSlab, RedSandstoneSlab

All Slabs: all_wool_slab, all_stained_glass_slab, all_stained_clay_slab, all_leaves_slab, all_log_slab, andesite_slab, andesite_smooth_slab, bookshelf_slab, coarse_dirt_slab, diorite_slab, diorite_smooth_slab, dirt_slab, endstone_slab, glowstone_slab, granite_slab, granite_smooth_slab, grass_slab, gravel_slab, hardened_clay_slab, hay_slab, ice_slab, liquid_lava_slab, mossy_cobblestone_slab, mushroom_brown_slab, mushroom_red_slab, mycelium_slab, netherrack_slab, orecoal_slab, orediamond_slab, oreemerald_slab, oregold_slab, oreiron_slab, orelapis_slab, oreobsidian_slab, oreredstone_slab, packedice_slab, podzol_slab, prismarine_bricks_slab, prismarine_dark_slab, prismarine_rough_slab, quartz_chiseled_slab, quartz_lines_slab, red_sandstone_chiseled_slab, red_sandstone_smooth_slab, redsand_slab, sand_slab, sandstone_chiseled_slab, sandstone_smooth_slab, sealatern_slab, slime_slab, snow_slab, soulsand_slab, stone_slab, stonebrick_chiseled_slab, stonebrick_cracked_slab, stonebrick_mossy_slab, water_slab


Vision before 1.8 can you find Link Removed: .


Modpack Permission:

Q. Can I make this mod in a Modpack?
A. Yes. You have to make you give credits to me and post a link back to this page


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