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The Mod adds 113 new Stairs in the Game.

All Stairs have the same hardness, resistance or are flammable such as the Blocks from which they were created.

The Recipe:

all_wool_stair_stair, all_stained_glass_stair_stair, all_stained_clay_stair_stair, all_leaves_stair_stair, all_log_stair_stair, andesitesmooth_stair, andesit_stair, blackstainedglass_stair, bookshelf_stair, chiseledredsandstone_stair, chiseledsandstone_stair, clay_stair, cleanstone_stair, coal_stair, coarsedirt_stair, cobblestonemossy_stair, darkprismarine_stair, diamond_stair, dioritesmooth_stair, diorite_stair, diorit_stair, dirt_stair, emerald_stair, endstone_stair, glass_stair, glowstone_stair, gold_stair, granitesmooth_stair, granit_stair, grass_stair, gravel_stair, hardclay_stair, hay_stair, ice_stair, lapis_stair, mushroomcapbrown_stair, mushroomcapred_stair, mycelium_stair, netherrack_stair, obsidian_stair, packedice_stair, podzol_stair, prismarinebrick_stair, prismarine_stair, quartzchiseled_stair, quartzlines_stair, redsand_stair, redstone_stair, sand_stair, sealatern_stair, slimeblock_stair, smoothredsandstone_stair, smoothsandstone_stair, snow_stair, soulsand_stair, steel_stair, stonebrickchiseled_stair, stonebrickcracked_stair, stonebrickmossy_stair


Vision before 1.8 can you find Link Removed: .


Modpack Permission:

Q. Can I make this mod in a Modpack?
A. Yes. You have to make you give credits to me and post a link back to this page


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