Flesh 2 Leather [FORGE]

96,929 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 13, 2020 Game Version: 1.14.4

New version for 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 has a new mod ID. This means it will remove existing Combined Flesh from the world(s), so you will need to craft it again with the new recipe (in the pictures down below). It is recommended to use all Combined Flesh prior to updating. This only affects Flesh2Leather 1.14.4 and 1.15.2.



The mod has been rewritten for 1.16.x versions to remove unnecessary features and code, to make the mod as simple as possible while retaining some balance.


It adds a new item called "Combined Flesh" that can be cooked in the smoker or on campfire to make one piece of leather.


To craft Combined Flesh you will need:

5 rotten flesh in a X shaped pattern in crafting table,

placed like in the example:


It can be cooked in a smoker, or on a campfire!


Mod requires Forge Mod Loader.


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Q: Can I Use this mod in my modpack?

A: Yes, just make sure to give proper credits.


Q: Can I / you post this mod to other sites?

A: No.


Q: I want to suggest a feature, where can I do that?

A: If you have an idea and want to suggest it, you can write down below, or on my Github (Preferred on Github).


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