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Requires Fabric API

If you have a lot of chests nearby, you have probably noticed how bad Minecraft is at rendering them. The more chests you have, the lower your FPS go.

This mod helps by removing dynamic models from chests and making them render as static chunk geometry. (This also means they won't have their lid opening animation)

On my vanilla-ish server we have a lot of chests and this mod brings my frame rate from 45 up to about 60 while inside the storage room. Still bad but better than before.

Actual results for you may vary as there are a lot of other things that tank your FPS and this mod only focuses on chests.

This mod works with Sodium and Optifine and should be compatible with all other mods and resource packs that leave chests alone. One example that does not is the Vanilla Tweaks "Proper Break Particles" resource pack, as it overwrites the chest blockstate definitions, and is therefore not compatible out of the box. You can however delete chest.json, ender_chest.json and trapped_chest.json inside the /assets/minecraft/blockstates directory from your resource pack to make it work with the mod.