Fast Travel

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Ever wanted to quickly travel to all your locations, without the need for building mystcraft linking books or sophisticated multiblocks?

Come in Fast Travel: A mod that allows you to travel to another location, by just entering a command!




 - version: Displays fasttravel version

 - save: Saves the locations to the files

 - load: Loads all the locations from the files

 - set <name>: Saves your current location as <name>

 - setprivate <name>: Saves your current location as <name> only for you to use.

 - del <name>: Removes <name> from the list.

 - delprivate <name>: Removes <name> from your private list

 - list: Lists all the travelpoints on the server

 - listprivate: Lists all your private travelpoints

 - book: Gives or updates the held book with all the locations.

/travel <name>: Actually travels to the location


Experience formula:

The amount of XP used depends on the distance traveled times a multiplier defined in the config.
If you're traveling between dimensions there's an added cost.

The formula is as follows:

experienceCost = distance * <experienceMultiplier> + <experienceUsageDimensionMultiplier>

Again, the experienceUsageDimensionMultiplier is only applied when you're traveling between dimensions.
The distance is measured in blocks.



You can report issues to the github issue tracker. Or you can join me in #K4Unl on


Required mods:

For Fast Travel (and all my other mods) K4Lib is required!


You're allowed to use this mod in any pack you want, as long as it's not behind a paywall.



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