Simple Villagers


A serverside fabric mod inspired by https://github.com/henkelmax/easy-villagers.




  • simplevillagers.reroll_buttons - whether to enable reroll buttons
  • simplevillagers.villager_item.pickup - whether to allow picking up the villager
  • simplevillagers.villager_item.spawn - whether to allow spawning the villager from the item


Hey, do you know that spawn eggs can be put in spawner?

- Don't worry, even though you get a villager item that looks like spawn egg, it actually isn't under the hood. It just uses spawn egg texture as I was too lazy to draw my own.



  • all delays are configurable

  • note: can be installed serverside as well, but clients will see colored glass blocks if not having the mod

  • Breeder Block
  • 1 baby villager item / 5 minutes
  • holds up to 4 baby villagers


  • Iron Farm Block
  • Summons golem every 4 minutes.

Why so big jar file?

SimpleVillagers wouldn't have been possible without the help of the following libraries:



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