Exotic Birds

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Filename exoticbirds-1.19.2-2.5.0.jar
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Uploaded Sep 1, 2022
Game Version 1.19.2   +2
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This is the 1.19.2 version of Exotic Birds! Please let me know of any bugs via the issue tracker, or on Discord (https://discord.gg/9S6NAjd)



  • Tweaked phoenix egg so twilight phoenix takes precedence over other variants. It now gives off the correct particles when it will hatch into a twilight phoenix.



  • Reverted a change with datapacks meaning you no longer have to manually enable the datapack to use the files.



  • Updated to 1.19.2



  • Added Ukrainian language file. Thanks to DMYTROID!
  • BUGFIX: Gendered birds will now spawn in groups of mixed gender.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an issue that was causing some birds to only spawn as their default variant.



  • Updated to Forge 41.0.98 which should fix those bad crashes.
  • Birds have a chance of spawning with babies.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed some registration errors with beach and savanna bird spawns.
  • BUGFIX: Full mangrove cages now have the correct texture.
  • BUGFIX: Nest generation has been tweaked and the config option works again.



  • BUGFIX: Baby water birds should no longer drown when swimming.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a crash when logging a bird with the encyclopedia on a server.


v2.0.0 - The Pigeon Update

  • Added pigeon boxes.
  • Added pigeon backpacks.
  • Pigeons can now be tamed with bread.
  • Tamed pigeons have an inventory which can be opened by crouching and right clicking.
  • Tamed pigeons can now equip leather caps and backpacks.
  • Tamed pigeons with backpacks can send items to their assigned pigeon box. (Pigeon boxes can be assigned by right clicking with a leashed pigeon)
  • All recipes now use forge tags!
  • Changed ambrosia texture.
  • Added spawn rules for the birds, so only swimming birds should spawn on water..
  • Cranes are no longer classed as water birds and will spawn in savannas
  • Ambrosia is now listed as phoenix food in the bird book.
  • The taming items for pelicans and pigeons will now tempt the birds and are listed as food items in the bird book.
  • Removed the experience reward of the "Egg-citing Discoveries" advancement.
  • Added eight new advancements.
  • Language file updates. Added Italian - thanks Scroven!
  • BUGFIX: Added missing recipe advancements for ambrosia, egg identifier, egg incubator, nest and phoenix eggs.
  • BUGFIX: Added missing mangrove birdcage recipe.
  • BUGFIX: Added back particles for the phoenix egg block.
  • BUGFIX: The "Jailbird" advancement works once again.
  • BUGFIX: Tamed pelican leg rings now save their dyed colour.
  • BUGFIX: Phoenixes now save their entity data properly.
  • BUGFIX: The allowOstrichRiding config option once again prevents ostrich riding.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a typo preventing egg generation in nests..
  • BUGFIX: The allowBirdDespawning config option is now implemented properly.
  • BUGFIX: Swimming birds will swim faster on water than they did before.



  • Original release.