Exotic Birds

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Filename exoticbirds-1.18.2-1.8.0.jar
Uploaded by ThePavoReality
Uploaded Sep 1, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
Size 1.99 MB
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MD5 91497f4ec0bcd9ef8ada4b3e7056571b
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Java 17
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This is the 1.18.2 version of Exotic Birds! Please let me know of any bugs via the issue tracker, or on Discord (https://discord.gg/9S6NAjd)



  • Birds now once again have a chance of spawning with babies.
  • Changed phoenix egg logic so twilight phoenix takes precedence over other types.
  • Fixed a bug with ostriches not retaining their variant correctly.
  • Pigeons, gouldian finches, hummingbirds and budgerigars can now spawn in groups of different colours.
  • Slight tweak to the spawning logic to fix a bug making birds spawn in as the default variant.



  • The allowOstrichRiding config option once again prevents ostrich riding.
  • Added spawn rules for the birds, so only swimming birds should spawn on water.



  • Fixed a bug where tamed pelican leg rings wouldn't save their dyed colour.
  • Fixed a bug where phoenixes wouldn't save their entity data properly.
  • Changed ambrosia texture.
  • Removed old phoenix egg gui texture.
  • Added missing recipe advancements for ambrosia, egg identifier, egg incubator, nest and phoenix eggs.
  • Ambrosia is now listed as phoenix food in the bird book.
  • All recipes now use forge tags!



  • Fixed a bug where the nests would send a block update every server tick. They now only do this when something has changed!



  • Fixed a config issue where inputting blacklist biomes would cause the config to reset.
  • Fixed a crash where ItemProperties wasn't being called in a thread-safe environment.



  • Birdhouses have had their functionality added. They now collect eggs from the world in a 6-block radius.
  • Nests can once again regenerate mystery eggs.
  • Birds can now breed without there needing to be a nest nearby.
  • Birds now have a cooldown on laying eggs.
  • Ostriches and phoenixes can have their saddles removed with shears.
  • Ostriches can be bred correctly now.
  • Ungendered bird variants will lay the correct egg types.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the birdhouse menu.


  • Fixed a bug where crouch-destroying a birdcage causes the bird to disappear.

  • Fixed an issue where birds couldn't mate to produce eggs.
  • Allowed birds to lay eggs in the world by default.
  • Fixed typos in the config where 'rare' and 'common' were the wrong way round.
  • Birds can no longer be tempted when laying eggs.



  • Fixed attenuation of bird sounds.



  • Fixed a bug with capabilities being cast to other mods capabilities and causing a crash
  • Added a missing AI snippet to all of the birds.
  • Removed config file console spam



  • Original release