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Filename exoticbirds-1.16.4-1.4.0.jar
Uploaded by ThePavoReality
Uploaded Jan 5, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
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The 1.16.4 update for Exotic Birds. Please let me know if there's any bugs using the issue tracker, or on the Exotic Birds discord. Thank you!

- Stopped pelicans dropping items on the floor when their inventory is full.
- Fixed a bug where the egg identifier would produce the default egg for certain birds.

- Fixed a bug where dimension blacklists wouldn't work properly.
- Fixed a bug where cages wouldn't save or display entity names.
- Added updated Spanish and Japanese language files.



- Added in new language packs;
- Spanish (Thanks to Pidrosax)
- Korean (Thanks to LoA)
- Russian (Thanks to Pharrao)
- Japanese (Thanks to TKMT_Aniki)
- Fixed a bug where cages would appear empty when placed down on servers.
- A large majority of birds shouldn't spawn on water anymore.


- Registered the nest feature correctly.
- Changed the 'allowEggs' option in the config to true by default.
- Increased the maximum spawn rate value to max_integer.
- Swimming birds can now be properly logged with the bird encyclopaedia.
- Fixed a crash caused when the bird capabilities were not present upon respawning.
- Altered the eye level of most of the birds to prevent them suffocating in blocks.
- Tweaked the hitboxes of the pelican, kookaburra, kingfisher, parrot and cockatoo.
- Removed pelican and gull spawns from ocean biomes.


- Fixed a bug where birdcages could overwrite the entities inside.
- Added a config option that allows any non-birds to be caught in cages.
- Cages can now be waterlogged.


- Fixed an issue where opening the bird book whilst using incorrectly-registered entities would cause a crash.
- Actually corrected one of the seagull subtitles.
- Added feathers to bird drops.
- Fixed an issue with the config; moved the client and server configs to be a common config. Hopefully this fixes the bird spawning issues.
- Prevented woodpecker from taking fall damage after flying.
- Birds are no longer classed as flying when in water. Seagulls look much better in ocean biomes now.



- Fixed a bug with kookaburra that causes the game to crash when opening the bird book.
- Kookaburra spawn eggs now work again.
- Corrected one of the seagull subtitles.


New in 1.16.4:
- Added warped and crimson birdcages. The recipe is the same structure as the other cages.
- Birds can be identified by left clicking an entity with the bird book. This causes no damage to them.
Changes in 1.16.4:
- Due to the way the biomes are registered, the bird book now displays 'Biome list is currently unavailable'. This is purely cosmetic and *will* be fixed in a future update.