Exotic Birds

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Filename exoticbirds-1.15.2-1.1.1.jar
Uploaded by ThePavoReality
Uploaded Jan 23, 2021
Game Version 1.15.2   +1
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MD5 45adb8f41354ae8b656645bad42a6c4f
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The 1.15.2 update for Exotic Birds :)
Please let me know of any bugs you find via the built-in issue tracker.

- Fixed a bug where birdcages could overwrite the entities inside.
- Added a config option that allows any non-birds to be caught in cages.
- Cages can now be waterlogged.


- Nests now respond to gravity again. If they aren't supported underneath by a solid block, they will break.

- Fixed a client-side bug with the colour renderer not working correctly.

- Changed the bird tracking capabilities to use a built-in java function, not an external library.
- Added missing forge dependencies in.

- Fixed two bugs with egg incubation in a crafting table:

     * If you used a stack of eggs, it would incubate the whole stack, but only take one egg as the ingredient.
     * The recipe allows incubation up to 100%, but would prevent eggs past 50% from being used as an ingredient.

- Added missing entity packet tracking code. Not sure what problems the absence caused, but it's been added back.

- For nest generation, the world is checked to see if the chunk is loaded before placing blocks.

-Mystery eggs can now be placed in nests.

This contains all the content included in v1.14.4.
-Birdcages use an item now instead of a model, as the model renderer no longer works in the current update.