Ex Nihilo 2

53,076 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 26, 2016 Game Version: 1.8.9

The skyblock mod returns!

This mod is VERY different from it's predecessor, so I wrote a getting started guide.
Feel free to discuss anything about the mod on the discussion thread.
Please report any bugs or issues on my bug tracker.

This mod is currently in ALPHA TESTING! This means:
- A lot of features are not yet implemented.
- There will probably be bugs. Lots of bugs.
- Blocks and Items may be added/changed/removed at any time.

Features that are currently implemented:
Built in map template system that generates a void world and skyblock map. The default map is based on Skyblock 2.1 by Noobcrew, but options for the three original Ex Nihilo maps are included also. Check the config file to change to a new map template.
Use json to build and share your own map templates for the Overworld, Nether and End.
Use the Jade Astrolabe in game to export your map to json if you don't want to do it by hand.
Use JSON to create your own recipes for compost, hammering and sifting and even disable all the built in ones to start from scratch you if you so desire. (IMPORTANT: each folder contains an "example.json". This example file is NEVER LOADED! It is purely for reference!)
Composting to make dirt, coarse dirt (compost zombie flesh), podzol (compost leaf blocks), grass (compost a golden apple) and mycelium (compost a ghast tear).
Catching rain to get water and make clay.
Add a severed head or skull to a barrel of water to make slime.
Mixing redstone in a barrel of lava to make netherrack.
Mixing glowstone in a barrel of lava to make end stone.
Using hammers to smash cobble into gravel, sand and dust.
Using sieves to sift various blocks.
Using crooks to push and pull monsters and animals and to get more dropped items from leaves and grass.
Mycelium next to water or exposed to rain will sometimes sprout mushrooms.
Cobblestone or stone bricks next to water or exposed to rain will grow moss.
Create Black Emeralds which can be transmuted (violently) into diamonds by surrounding them on all six sides with blocks and then blowing them up.
Crucibles can be placed above almost any source of heat to melt cobblestone and produce lava.
Combine slimeballs and string to craft cobwebs.
Create Black Slimeballs and cook them in a furnace to create coal.
Craft buckets from porcelain to move water and lava in pre-metal maps.
Sift mycelium to get spores.
Add spores to water to get witchwater or feed them to cows to get mooshrooms.
Add metal to witchwater to get metal salts.
Add metal salts to water to get azoth.

VeinMiner: Crooks and hammers are automatically registered. All the relevant blocks are whitelisted as well. This behavior can be disabled if you need to customize the VeinMiner config files.
Waila: Sieves, Barrels, and Crucibles have Waila tooltips and report progress %s when appropriate.

Not implemented yet:
Using barrels to summon blazes and endermen.
Metal alchemy.

Developing this mod is my current full time job. If you would like to help support me you can either join my Patrons on Patreon or use the Donate link above to buy me a beverage. Without your help, I couldn't spend my time making mods for you guys.


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