PLEASE NOTE: Ex Nihilo is now in maintenance mode. This means that there is only bugfixing for 1.7.10. Stay tuned for Ex Nihilo in 1.9.4 and beyond!

Hi everybody! I'm Crowley, and I'm totally addicted to playing Skyblock maps, which is the major influence for this mod. I love starting from nothing and working my way up, but I have always felt that there were a few glaring omissions in vanilla skyblock that didn't make any sense. This is how I fixed them.

There is a very detailed guide available for all the blocks, items and new mechanics added by this mod. I suggest giving it a read to check out everything I've added.

You can use this mod with any map and it will be both fun and useful, not just Skyblock. Still, I recommend using the original Skyblock map by Noobcrew.

If you enjoy the mod, please consider supporting me through my Patreon account.