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Evoc ( Extreme Vanilla Optimizations Collection ) is a new core mod aimed at providing server side optimizations for slow Vanilla TEs. This coremod is not aimed at changing the gameplay in any way, just get ride of a few corner cases in TileEntities triggering lag.

Right now, it targets 3 TileEntities.

  • The hopper : Vanilla hoppers tend to hammer the server in one of those cases : Hopper is empty, hopper is completly full, no room in target inventory or source inventory empty. All those cases have been taken care of, providing a 10-folds reduction in update time for idle hoppers (from 40µs down to 4µs).
  • The furnace : A furnace without carburant or internal heat but with a stack on top (typical idle furnace) was taking as long to update as a running furnace. That has been taken care of, and provides a 10-folds reduction in update time (from 10µs to below 1µs).
  • The spawner : A fully lighted up spawner with a player around (classical below base spawner) could start hammering the server and reach a whooping 300µs in update time. This value has been reduced to 3µs by providing a delay in case there is no spot where the spawner can actually spawn things. This is a 100-folds decrease in update time.