Equipment API

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An API that allows mods to add their own equipment slots, based on baubles, but allowing mods to register dedicated slots for special items.


Press the R key or click the pickaxe in the corner of the player inventory screen to open the equipment screen.


The equipment screen will show all the registered slots. If there are more than 8 you can click the arrow buttons to go to other pages.

- All the slots here are only for demonstration purposes, they aren't included in the mod.


How to use the API:

The API is very simple, it mostly consists of registering an EquipmentType, which handles what can be placed in a slot, the appearance of that slot, and what happens when that slot changes.

Registering a basic slot:

EquipmentApi.registerEquipment(YOUR_EQUIPMENT_ID, new EquipmentType() {
	ResourceLocation overlay = new ResourceLocation(YOURMODID, "textures/YOUR_SLOT_OVERLAY.png");
	/* The texture to overlay on the slot (displays below the item) */
	public ResourceLocation getSlotOverlay(ItemStack stack) {
		return overlay;
		// you may also want to do `return stack == null ? null : overlay;`
		// this will make the background image disappear when you place an item in the slot
	/* Whether the player can take the supplied stack out of the slot */
	public boolean canRemoveStack(ItemStack stack, EntityPlayer player) {
		return true;
	/* Whether the player can place the supplied stack in the slot */
	public boolean canPlaceStack(ItemStack stack) {
		return stack != null && stack.getItem() != null && stack.getItem() == Items.arrow;
	/* The maximum stack size of this slot */
	public int getStackLimit() {
		return 64;

	/* The text description to show on hover, "\n" will work */
	public String getSlotDescription(EntityPlayer player) {
		return "Arrows";
	/* This is called whenever the slot is changed */
	public void onChange(ItemStack from, ItemStack to,
			EntityPlayer player) {




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