Environmental Creepers

1,600,717 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 14, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1


A small mod that allows tweaking some aspects of Creeper or other explosions.
The most common and useful tweak is probably the one where all the blocks destroyed by Creeper explosions will always drop as items.
No more partially filled Creeper holes!

Note: Does not currently work with Sponge, because the Forge Explosion events don't get fired with Sponge installed.


The mod is entirely configured through the config file, which is at .minecraft/config/environmentalcreepers.cfg (in 1.14+ it's a *.toml file instead).
In the later versions there is now one command: /environmentalcreepers-reload to reload the config file from disk in-game, without having to relog or restart the server to read the file. In single player you can also use the in-game config GUI for changing the configs (not implemented yet as of writing this in Forge 1.14.4+).

The following configuration options are available. The mod handles Creeper exposions separately from all other explosions, so that you can only enable the tweaks for Creepers, if that is the only change you are looking for.

  • creeperChainReactionChance: The chance (per each target Creeper within range) that a chain reaction occurs, if enableCreeperExplosionChainReaction is true. Range: 0.0 - 1.0
  • creeperChainReactionMaxDistance: The maximum distance within which a Creeper can ignite other Creepers
  • creeperExplosionBlockDropChance: The chance that a block destroyed by a Creeper explosion will drop as an item. Range 0.0 ... 1.0, where 1.0 means that the block always drops as an item.
  • creeperExplosionStrengthCharged: The strength of Charged Creeper explosions. The default in vanilla is 6.0 (double of normal Creepers).
  • creeperExplosionStrengthNormal: The strength of normal Creeper explosions. The default in vanilla is 3.0.
  • disableCreeperExplosionBlockDamage: This completely disables Creeper explosions from destroying blocks
  • disableCreeperExplosionCompletely: This prevents Creepers from exploding completely. They just swell up.
  • disableCreeperExplosionItemDamage: This prevents Creeper explosions from destroying items on the ground
  • disableOtherExplosionBlockDamage: This completely disables other explosions except for Creepers from destroying blocks
  • disableOtherExplosionItemDamage: This prevents other types of explosions except for Creepers from destroying items on the ground
  • enableCreeperExplosionChainReaction: If enabled, then a Creeper explosion can ignite other Creepers within range
  • modifyCreeperExplosionDropChance: This enables the item drop chance modification for Creeper explosions
  • modifyCreeperExplosionStrength: Enable modifying the explosion strength of Creeper explosions. Without this, the explosion strength values described above do nothing.
  • modifyOtherExplosionDropChance: This enables the item drop chance modification for every other explosion except for Creepers
  • otherExplosionBlockDropChance: Same as creeperExplosionBlockDropChance, but for all other explosions except Creepers

Mod packs/permissions

  • Mod packs: go ahead!
  • Re-hosting the mod file otherwise is not cool, mmkay?

If you have ideas/questions/feedback, or maybe you just want to hang out, you can join us on Discord:


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