Entropy: Chaos Mod

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Entropy: Chaos Mod

Entropy is a Chaos Mod where random events happen every 30 seconds. The events are selected randomly from a pool of 70 (and growing) events that can be anything from meteor rain, physics changes and much more.

Event and timer duration can be configured from the Settings menu!

Entropy was heavily inspired on the excellent work of pongo1231's Chaos Mod V for Grand Theft Auto V!



Play Entropy with friends! Each random event happens around each player. Each connected client can configure Twitch Integrations independently and will send poll results to the server.


Twitch Integration:

Entropy includes integration with Twitch! Viewers of a streamer can vote the next event using the stream chat! (Integration for more platforms like Youtube streaming and Discord is planned).

To enable Twitch Integration you'll need a Twitch OAuth Access token, you can generate using this tool (or any other OAuth token generator tool). Write your OAuth Access Token and your channel name in Entropy Settings.

Discord Integration:

Users of a discord server can vote the next event by using the Entropy Discord integration. TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waj82ownAKw




Demo 1 - Twitch Chat Integration

Demo 2 - Blur

Demo 3 - Upside Down

Demo 4 - Meteor Rain

Demo 5 - Settings



Entropy is in early development, and some features are planned but not yet implemented:

  • Youtube Live Chat Integration.
  • Discord Chat Integration.
  • Configurable Events (Enable/Disable, Custom Timing...)



This mod requires Fabric and Fabric API. You can download Entropy from this page or the releases tab in github. Drop Entropy and Fabric API JARs inside the mods folder.



Entropy is released under the free and open-source [GPL-3.0 License](https://github.com/juancarloscp52/Entropy/blob/master/LICENSE).


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