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Ender Utilities is mod packed full of miscellaneous utility type items and blocks.
As the name suggests, most of these center around "ender type" mechanics, such as teleportation, remote access, extended storage capabilities.

This mod was made/started as part of Modjam 4 modding event/competition. It is also my second mod overall, and my first mod that adds any content such as items or blocks in-game. As such, this mod for me is mainly a modding learning experience/project. I hope at least someone else will find it useful and fun to play with as well :)


This mod is a work in progress and only a small number of the planned items are implemented at the moment.

There are a little over 80 items on my TODO list. See the Items and Blocks spoilers for a list and description of most of the currently implemented items/blocks:


- Note: Most items are now (since v0.4.0) "modular", which means that they need some modules installed before they do anything. Use a Tool Workstation to add/change the installed modules. See the item tooltips/descriptions while hovering over "fresh" items (no NBT data yet) in NEI, hold shift for the full tooltip.

- Ender Arrows: The projectiles used for the Ender Bow. Bonus feature: if you hit mobs with them (as in whacking the mobs with the arrows in your hand), it will randomly teleport the mob around you in a 10m radius. Fun for chicken tennis ;)
- Ender Bag: Sneak + right click on an inventory to bind the bag to it. Can be bound to simple vanilla blocks that have an inventory, plus the vanilla Ender Chest. The bag then allows remote access to that inventory from anywhere/any dimension. It does chunkload the chunk where the target block is during use and for a 60 second grace period after, to avoid loading and unloading repeatedly. The bag can be switched between private and public mode using Alt + Toggle Mode key (default F). Private mode won't allow other players to use a bag you have bound to regular inventories. (Ender Chests are player-specific anyway.)
- Ender Bow: Sneak + right click on a block to bind the bow to that location. After that any mobs you shoot with the bow (and the Ender Arrows!) will get teleported to that spot, cross-dimensionally. Should work with most entities, now also including players and mounted mobs (mobs riding other mobs). Also has a second mode: Teleport self, where the user will be teleported to the impact point. Switch between the two using the Toggle Mode hotkey (see Options -> Controls). Can be repaired in an anvil with one Ender Alloy (Enhanced) and 15 levels of XP.
- Ender Bucket: Can hold a maximum of 16 buckets (by default, configurable) of the same fluid at once. Can be emptied to the same fluid by sneak + right clicking. Should now also work with tanks from other mods and mod fluids (tested with BuildCraft, Tinker's Construct and Thermal Expansion). Tank interaction: right click to fill the bucket, sneak + right click to empty the bucket into the tank. Works as an Ender Furnace fuel when filled with lava. Uses 250 mB (= 1/4 bucket) at a time. Has three modes: Normal, Fill only and Drain only, change between them with the Toggle Mode hotkey. Can also be linked to tanks. Switch between normal bucket mode and tank mode with Ctrl + Toggle mode key. To bind to tanks, you must change the bucket mode to "Bind-to-tanks" and then sneak + right click the tank. Using in tank mode chunk loads the target chunk for 30 seconds on each use.
- Ender Lasso: Sneak + right click on a block to bind the lasso to that location. After that any mobs you right click on will get teleported to that location, cross-dimensionally. Add a Jailer module to prevent some mobs (like hostiles) from despawning.
- Ender Pearl (re-usable): Frustrated of carrying around several stacks of Ender Pearls to get around? Well these ones you get back after they hit and teleport you! The regular version deals 1 heart of damage. The Elite version will mount the player to itself, aka. lets the player fly with it, and deals 0.5 hearts of damage when landing.
- Ender Porter: Used for player self-teleportation. Comes in two versions: a Basic version, which only allows teleporting inside the same dimension (since v0.4.0; in v0.3.x the Basic one was just a single-use version of the Advanced), and an Advanced version, which let's you teleport to/from any dimension. Sneak + right click to bind to a location. Or Press Alt + Shift + Toggle mode key to bind, also storing your current rotation (camera/looking angle). Hold right click to "charge" (takes 2 seconds in survival mode), and then release to teleport. Can hold up to 9 Link Crystals aka. target locations at once. To easily switch between them: while holding the item, press Ctrl and use the mouse wheel.
- Ender Relic: Spawns a new Ender Crystal. For that to be useful for this mod (ie. for the Energy Bridge Transmitter), it must be done in the end, by right clicking on the bedrock block on top of the obsidian pillars (requires a 3x3x6 base of obsidian) (in 1.8+ there is no more Bedrock block on top of the pillars in new worlds; just right click in the center of the pillar). Meant as a way to get new Ender Crystals, if all of them have been destoyed during the Ender Dragon fight. Can also spawn decorative (= not usable for the Energy Bridge) Ender Crystals anywhere in other dimensions (no special requirements). Beware that they explode when taking ANY damage.
- Ender Tools (Pickaxe/Axe/Shovel/Hoe): Can teleport the block drops directly to the player's inventory, or a remote linked location. If you add an Efficiency V enchant to them (in an anvil with an Enchanted Book), and use them in the fast mode, they will instantly break most common blocks. The Ender Hoe can till a 3x3 area and plant it either from the player's inventory or a linked inventory. To plant, right click again on the farmland. Will not break completely. Can be repaired in an anvil with one Ender Alloy (Advanced) and 15 levels of XP.
- Ender Sword: Can transport the mob drops to the player's or a linked inventory. In Summon mode it will do minimal direct damage, but instead it will summon 3 Ender Fighter mobs to attack the target. The Ender Fighters will rage and attack the nearest player, unless there is a player holding an Ender Sword in Summon mode within 32 blocks of them. Idle Ender Fighters will despawn after about 10 seconds, unless you name them with a Name Tag to keep as a "pet". Will not break completely. Can be repaired in an anvil with one Ender Alloy (Advanced) and 15 levels of XP.
- Jailer module: Can be right clicked on mobs to prevent them from despawning. This uses the item, if it does something for the mob (ie. right clicking on a sheep does nothing, since it can't despawn anyway). It can also be installed to the Ender Lasso or Ender Bow so that the teleported mobs won't despawn. This does not use up the item/module.
- Mob Harness: Allows you to mount and unmount mobs into other mobs or yourself. (Mainly for shizz and giggles. The amount of hilarity that was had while testing it... :D)
  - Sneak + right click on a mob to "bind" (= remember) it. Then sneak + right click on another mob to mount the first one on top of the second one.
  - Sneak + right click on the same mob twice to mount it on top of yourself.
  - Sneak + right click with an "empty" harness on a mob to unmount that mob from the one it is riding.
  - Sneak + right click when looking up (> 80 degrees) to unmount the mob that is riding you.
  - Note: The mobs need to be within a 32 block radius from the player when trying to mount them to eachother!
  - Without sneaking, right click on a mob to ride it. Allows you to control most mobs (unfortunately not the ones that don't have AI tasks, such as spiders or flying mobs.)
- Portal Scaler: Can change the Nether Portal teleport scaling factor, if you right click with the item while standing inside a Nether Portal (does a custom teleport). It can also shut down or activate Nether Portals. Will also give you some math practice when calculating the scaling factors ;)

Modules and crafting ingredient items:
- Ender Capacitor: A module that stores Ender Charge, which is needed for many of the items that teleport or transport something somewhere. Can be charged in three ways: 1) Right click an Ender Crystal in The End (4 times to charge fully) 2) Use an Ender Infuser and some Ender Pearls or Eyes of Ender 3) Build an Energy Bridge multiblock in The End and in each dimension where you want automatic re-charging.
- Ender Core: Crafting ingredient and also a module needed by some items for some operations.
- Link Crystal: A module that stores location information. Used in most modular items that can be linked to a location.
- Memory Card (misc): A module that stores miscellaneous information. Used in some modular items that need to store some kind of information (like the Portal Scaler, which stores the scaling factors on a Memory Card).
- Ender Alloys, Ender Stick, Ender Rope: Just crafting ingredients.


- Ender Furnace: Faster and more efficient than a vanilla furnace. Can output to the owner's vanilla Ender Chest. Has a 1000 item output buffer in addition to the output slot. Can also use Ender Pearls and Eyes of Ender as a fuel source, as well as any IFluidContainerItem items that have lava stored (such as the Ender Bucket or TE4 Portable Tanks).
  - Has three operation modes:
    - No fuel mode: Cooks one item in 60 seconds
    - Normal mode (green turtle): Cooks one item in 3 seconds. Cooks 1.5 times as much per fuel as vanilla furnace (12 items per coal etc).
    - Fast mode (lightning): Cooks one item per second. Uses twice the fuel per cooked item (6 items per coal etc).
- Ender Infuser: One option to recharging the Ender Capacitors, using Ender Pearls or Eyes of Ender.
- Energy Bridge: The third and best option for charging Ender Capacitors. You need one Energy Bridge Transmitter multiblock in The End, and one Energy Bridge Receiver multiblock in each dimension where you want the automatic re-charging to work in (except The End doesn't need a Receiver). They DON'T need to be chunkloaded, they don't actually actively do anything. Just their existence is tracked when placed/broken. If the Receiver's beam is red, it means that there is no valid Transmitter present. See below for the multiblock structures for the Transmitter and the Receiver.
- Tool Workstation: Used to add or remove modules to/from modular items.

Multiblock Structures

- Energy Bridge Transmitter (in The End)

Energy Bridge Transmitter

- Energy Bridge Receiver
(Build one in each dimension where you want the re-charging to work, except The End doesn't need one, just the Transmitter.)

Energy Bridge Receiver

Note 1: There can be nothing except air where the horizontal beams are, and only slightly light obstructing blocks (like Water or Glass) where the vertical beams are, all the way to the void/sky or the first bedrock block.
Note 2: Place the Resonators from the inside looking out, so that they face towards the middle.
Note 3: There are two blocks of air between the Resonators and the middle block, and between the Transmitter and the middle block/Ender Crystal.
Note 4: A red beam on a Receiver means that the Receiver is functional, but there is currently no active Transmitter.


Mod packs/permissions

  • Re-hosting the mod file publicly in 3rd party sites is not allowed (that is just lame, not to mention problematic, when people find outdated and possibly modified versions in who knows where).
  • Mod packs: go ahead!
  • (Please include a link back to this CurseForge project page somewhere in the description, if possible.)
  • (It would be nice to know in which packs my mods are used.)
  • Basically follow Wheaton's Law (= Don't be a dick.).


Social media / updates

If you want to see what I'm currently working on, I occasionally post some progress updates and screenshots from the stuff I'm currently working on at


If you have ideas or questions or feedback, or maybe you just want to hang out, you can join us on Discord:


Mod Spotlights

An excellent and quite thorough mod spotlight for Ender Utilities 0.5.3 for MC 1.9 made by kletsie:
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL5JeMv4VCc
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik-_7LTCF5U