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Ender Sins


Ever wanted a cross-compatibility addons between Unusual End and Sons of Sins ? No ? Fine but here is this addon anyway x)
Ender Sins is a small addon, adding new feature to Sons of Sins, related to Unusual End's mobs and items.
The mod is compatible with JEI, providing a complete description of each organ's purpose.


New organs (used for necromancy) :
(Entity is refering to the Entity created by necromancy using this organ)
Organ are only dropped when using a Sickle, and all organs can be eaten

- Golem Heart : Dropped by the Endstone Golem, or crafted using a Golem Orb
Grant a Slow Regeneration & Fire Resistance to the Entity.
> The Golem Aura ability will have a chance of creating a powerful Shockwave when the Entity is hurt, and make it strike Lightining Bolts on death.

- Enderling Muscle : Dropped by the Undead Enderling

Grant a Faster movement speed to the Entity. 
> The True Invisibility ability will make the Entity invisible when hurt, and during this period, Attackers will stop targeting it.


- Bolok Ribs : Dropped by the Bolok

Grant more Armor points and a slighly higher Attack Reach to the Entity. 
>The Warped Shield ability will slow nearby Monsters and the Entity's Target.


- Firefly Muscle : Dropped by the Ender Firefly

Grant Night Vision to nearby Players. 
> The Firefly Vision ability will make the Entity's target glow


- Sticky Muscle : Dropped by Enderblobs

Grant Knockback Resistance and more Attack Knockback to the Entity. 
> The Bouncy Ability will knock away the Attacker when the Entity is hurt


- Shiny Muscle : Crafted

Grant Regeneration to the Entity's Owner and its tamed Animals if nearby. 
> The Crystal Regeneration ability will grant an high Regeneration buff to the Entity if not hurt for a short period (5 seconds).

New items :
- Bouncy Dagger 
Grant an higher attack knockback (similar to the knockback enchantment and compatible with it), to send your enemies fly away !

- Bolok Ribs Chestplate
Powerful chestplate but slow a bit the player (-5% speed). When hurt, grant a short speed buff to the player and short slowness debuff to the attacker.

- Ancient Sickle
A slower but more powerful sickle, granting a bit of additonal attack range.

New Enchantment :
- Hooked Blade (I - II) - Sickle Enchantment
Grant the "Hooked" effect to the Victim, lowering its attack range, and slowing it.

Wait, this mod is made with Mcreator ?

-> Yes, it's mainly made with Mcreator, but not only. Also it don't mean that i don't have any java knowledge, so if you encounter an issue, please report it, instead, like some, of thinking that i couldn't fix it !

You can put Ender Sins in your modpacks. I'm also open to suggestions / ideas in the comments !
Also check my other mods, or join my team's discord server :O