Nether's Cruelty


Nether's Cruelty is a small addon to Nether's Exotism, adding a new food to the mod :)

The only change added by this mod is a new food, the Moloch Steak, looted by 2 out of 3 Molochs (the mob added by Nether's Exoticism).
This new item will give you a lot of saturation and food, as well as giving you a short effect of fire resistance and haste (the V1.0.1 version of the mod contains a config file)

The food won't burn in lava, so you won't lose any loot when the Moloch is swimming in the Nether

V1.0.2 Update :

Nether's Exoticism's Moloch Eggs can now be cooked to get a Cooked Moloch Egg, giving you a Haste effect.
The Moloch Stew can be crafted with Moloch Meat and Pitaya, it'll give you a longer Wither Resistance effect, as well as Fire Resistance and Haste

This mod is mainly a joke between me and Furti_Two, being the modded equivalent of cooking an axolotl, the goal was to make hunting the cute mod animal worth it

You can add this mod to your modpacks