Enchant the Rainbow

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Enchant The Rainbow

Fabric API

Enables players to choose the enchantment glint color for their enchanted items.

Mod features and details:

  • 1 new Item: the "Nether Star Fragment".
  • 4 can be crafted by putting a "Nether Star" in a crafting grid, breaking it into pieces.
  • Use an Anvil to add a dye in combination with your fragment to dye the fragment. All 16 Dyes are supported!
  • Combine the dyed fragment with an enchanted item to color the glint!
  • Lore friendly: Beacon beams can have their color changed by colored glass in vanilla, so nether stars clearly interact with color somehow.
  • Give yourself more than just 1 single reason to kill a Wither.


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Overview of all 16 Colors

2021-12-20_23 03 03

Look like you fell in some paint!

2021-12-20_22 46 57

Crafting a Nether Star Fragment

2021-12-20_23 03 28

Coloring a Nether Star Fragment

2021-12-20_23 03 58

Coloring an Item's Glint

2021-12-20_23 04 17


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