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ElekLib is a small Library mod for some of my mods.


Most up-to-date information is located on the wiki. See tabs above.


Features (Most up to date list on the wiki):

- Old-style (1.12.2) command support (1.0). Tab Support WIP.

       - See below for command builder options

- Config file builder (1.0)

- Easy item/block registration (1.0)

- Armor Utilities (1.0)

- Player Utilities (1.2)

- Log Cleaner

- More to come!


Feel free to use in your own mods!


Command Builders:

V1 (1.0):

Probably most command support

- No tab completing

V2 (1.1):


- Command support is most likely a bit finicky

- Experimental tab completion (Configure number of arguments to use completion)