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Localized Chat limits the range a player can talk and be heard VIA TEXT CHAT. Most chats on a server are between players that are local to each others.


This pairs really well with Simple Voice Chat by henkelmax.


Only range and error code colors are configurable currently.



Pre-3.0.0 abilities

Players can make server wide chats too but these cost hunger points.


Everything is configurable.


This mod not compatible with other chat mods such as Discord Chat integration or the FTB Utilities chat.




1.16.5+ versions don't have any of the features the 1.12.2 version has. There is only regular chat and shouting. Regular chat is limited to the config value, default 100 blocks radius. Shouting is limited to 30000 blocks, not configurable, and only ops can be allowed to get around it.


1.12.2 version has all of these functions:

  • Currently allows a range for 100 blocks for local chatting. configurable.
  • Requires minimum health factor to server chat (shout). configurable. can also be toggled.
  • Requires minimum saturation (food level) for server chat (shout). configurable. can also be toggled.



The mod is universal but not required on the client side. It does work on the client side and as such is also ideal for LAN or Hamachi play.


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