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The Echo Shield:

In action:

  • After the shield is charged by absorbing 10 hits (or getting disabled), the echo shield performs a mini sonic boom attack that knocks back the creatures ahead of you and stuns them for 3 seconds (Slowness 5).
  • After performing this attack the shield goes on cooldown for 15 seconds, during this time the shield can't absorb any attacks but can still be damaged.
  • The shield will play a noise after it is recharged.
  • The echo shield can be crafted with the following recipe:

Echo shield crafting recipe

The echo shield model:

Echo shield from the frontEcho shield from the back


Technical details:

  • The echo shield has twice the durability of a regular shield
    • Entities with the "echoplus:immune_to_shrieker_shield" tag will not be affected by the shield in anyway (By default includes the wither and the ender dragon)


  • Currently this mod only adds an echo shield item but more features are planned.
  • The license is ARR for now until I pick out a different license but feel free to include in modpacks/videos, no reupload platforms though please (other than sites like aternos). For anything else feel free to ask.



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