24,370 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 11, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

Ring ring, I'd like to teleport!

E-Mobile is a mod mainly designed to be used on multiplayer servers. It adds the Ender Cellphone, an easy-to-use tool that lets players teleport to three different places: other players, the world spawn and a player's home bed. This works even between dimensions. The Ender Cellphone uses Ender Pearls as fuel; without them, it will not work.

The mod also includes an optional variant of the Ender Cellphone that is powered by Redstone Flux: the Fluxed Ender Cellphone. Instead of Ender Pearls, this item consumes 30,000 RF per teleport.

The mod is also very configurable:
- Allow/deny any of the three places players can teleport to
- Blacklist/whitelist interdimensional teleportation
- Enable/Disable the Fluxed Ender Cellphone, and configure its RF use and capacity
- Add support for beds from other mods so they can be teleported to (Carpenter's Beds are supported by default)
As an additional tweak, this mod lets you configure the maximum stack size of Ender Pearls.

The two types of Ender Cellphones in the mod can be crafted like so:

Or, if you have Thermal Expansion installed, like so:

Note: Upgrading an Ender Cellphone to a Fluxed Ender Cellphone will make it lose its fuel!

- sk89q for the original idea, in the form of a Bukkit plugin that lets players teleport to each other using a special kind of Map and Ender Pearls
- BAMgames for the cellphone textures