7,666 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 5, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2


Zoom is a small mod that adds a single tool to the game: Binoculars! This tool can be used to zoom in, in order to see distant objects better.

Binoculars can be crafted like so:

Binoculars recipe

To use the Binoculars, simply hold right-click while holding the tool in your hand. Binoculars can also be used from anywhere in your inventory by using a keybind (Z by default).

While using Binoculars, you can adjust the zoom level with the mouse wheel.

Render Player API (1.7.10 version only)

If Render Player API is installed, a small visual effect is enabled: players that are using Binoculars can actually be seen holding them up to their eyes.

This does not work if Binoculars are used with the keybind. It might also look glitchy when wearing armor with unique models from other mods.